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Common girlish erotic fantasies

Common girlish erotic fantasies   

Each of the representatives of the fair sex in life comes a moment when it begins to visit all sorts of fantasies related to sex. Since any such fantasy comes deep from the subconscious, then correctly deciphering it, it is possible to understand what is missing in sexual relations in real life.

Most often these thoughts are visited by modest escort girls or independent, and not liberated, as the first, unlike the second, consider their thoughts shameful. The main thing, as happens in some cases — is not to be shy, it is better to share with your partner what came to you in your fantasies. There are a great many of them, but there are those that appear in most escort girls of individuals in case the passion with the beloved man has faded.

Also, certain fantasies may appear not because the girl is not satisfied, but also if she lacks some aspect of sex. For example, if you have a fantasy about having sex with another girl, it does not in any way indicate that the girl is a lesbian. The prerequisite for such thoughts is an excess of rudeness on the part of the sexual partner. The girl lacks tenderness, a man's more serious attitude to foreplay, or perhaps a long period of preliminary caresses.

In the mind of an escort girl, an individual may also have an idea about a relationship with two men at once. This again does not say about the depravity of an escort girl, an individual, or that she is walking. Most escort girls are afraid to share this fantasy with their man. The beautiful half thinks that if she tells her partner about this, he will think that he can not give sexual pleasure to his partner. But this may be because the girl just wants a Threesome. If the sexual partner really wants to give the girl sexual pleasure, then he can make concessions in this regard and help overcome some embarrassment that arose in his partner.

The next from the numerous list of women's hidden desires is sex in a crowded place. Why do such thoughts occur? First of all, this indicates that the girl does not have enough attention. This is most likely due to a change in the noisy environment in which you caught the attention of people. In a quiet home environment, the subconscious tries to eliminate this lack of attention in fantasies. If it is impossible to return to that noisy, full of attention environment, it is worth thinking about how to find an alternative. For example, some hobby through which you can achieve the amount of attention that you need. This lack of attention is also possible if the sexual partner has stopped listening to the girl, taking into account her desires, and no longer considers his partner attractive enough.

Continuing the list, it is impossible not to remember one more secret desire of a set of escort girls of individuals. Namely, to become a victim of rape. The reasons most likely go back to childhood, for example, the constant conversations of parents who warn the future girl that boys can take advantage of her and leave — in General, they say that sex is bad. Having grown up, escort girls, individuals begin to rebel internally against parental instructions, but this does not mean that they really dream of rape. A possible option for the implementation of the fantasy may be just a staged rape of an escort girl, an individual by her boyfriend. And it is worth noting that the more liberated the girl is in this game, the easier it will be to break the childish experiences that hold her captive in this fantasy.

Women who have been married for a long time, a psychologist can advise various methods, how to diversify their sexual life, try something new. Most often under such "novelty" assume role-playing games. They involve losing a situation just before sex. The situation of each couple is chosen based on individual preferences, from what excites each of the partners to a greater extent.

Some escort girls, individuals sometimes during sex with their boyfriend represent another man in his place, and it can be as a neighbor in the stairwell, or some famous actor who likes the girl. Many people consider this almost treason, but despite the representation of another person in the place of their partner, pleasure and pleasure in the amount that a representative of the weaker sex receives, is delivered to her by her man. There is nothing wrong with such fantasies.

In conclusion, I would like to say that every fantasy has its root, its reasons, and if you can identify the root and understand what is missing in sexual life, it will be possible to get rid of such fantasies. Other fantasies that you can discuss with your partner can add a pleasant zest to the couple's sex life.
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