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Escort for one night

Escort for one night

Every person at least once in their life received an offer to have sex from a stranger. This could happen in a bar, in a restaurant, and most often on the Internet, where getting rejected is much easier than in reality. The attitude to an escort for one night may be different, but it is worth recognizing that it has its positive and negative sides.

The use of a single escort
The first and almost most important advantage is the absence of obligations. escort a girl may not think so much about how smoothly her legs are shaved and whether her underwear is the sexiest, because it is just an escort, and it is difficult to imagine that an excited man, looking at the polka-dot panties, would refuse it. And for men, everything becomes much easier: you do not need to spend weeks caring for the chosen one and be open to heart-to-heart conversations. It is enough to find a partner with the same view on the continuation of the evening – and mutual pleasure is guaranteed.

The second plus of an escort for one night is complete emancipation. In front of a stranger, it is always easier not to play a role, but to be what you really are. Therefore, it is sometimes easier to pour out your soul to a stranger, because he will not judge, but just listen. So in bed – you can ask for the most intimate and secret, and do not hesitate that after these desires will be remembered by the partner for many years.

Some people like role-playing games, and some just get excited from obvious flirting and flirting. Stirs up the sexual appetite and public condemnation: according to most, a single escort is allowed only for people who are morally unstable.

The third advantage is to maintain your own tone. Regular intimate life is useful for the health of men and women, and a single escort is able to raise the mood, self-esteem and give vitality, if a permanent relationship has not yet developed. Partners satisfy their physiological needs and leave happy.

Latest plus escortin one night – absolute freedom of choice. To have sex only, it is unlikely that someone will find out whether the partner has a higher education and whether he earns enough. The choice here is made solely by "animal" instincts. Smell, behavior, manner of speaking, hair color-these things often become the criteria for selection. Freedom in an escort for one night concerns both poses and behavior in bed. It is unlikely that an escort girl will be accused of shouting too loudly or scratching her back.

Despite all the attractiveness of such an escort, there are also negative sides, and they should always be remembered.
When searching for a serious relationship for a long time, a person may sometimes think that he only needs an escort. If he does not understand the real motives of his search, and finds a partner for one night, this may be followed by disappointment and depression. When in reality you want to be loved and feel cared for, but in reality only a night together without obligations, a feeling of emptiness comes, and the person feels that he was used. Often escort girls fall into such a trap when after one night with a man they imagine that they have entered into a long-term relationship. It is better to avoid this and initially clarify your point of view.

The most unpleasant consequence may be the risk of venereal diseases. When an escort is on time, it is difficult to ask for a certificate of medical examination from a stranger and ask about the health of all his previous partners. People often forget about contraception in a rush of all-encompassing passion, and this becomes a fatal mistake. After such a single escort, you can be treated for several months, and it is great if the person is healthy in the end. In any situation, it is always better to think about the consequences and your own well-being.

An unplanned pregnancy is another surprise after escorting once. In this case, the consequences are long-lasting, and you will have to take responsibility for the life of a small child on yourself. For both men and women, this is a shocking consequence that can be avoided by remembering contraception.

Sometimes an escort once becomes a consequence, not a goal. So friends who are going through a breakup or just don't find a mate can become each other's comfort for one night. Most often, after such an event, no friendship or relationship develops, but there are exceptions. If a woman is easily in love, but the man was not quick enough and hardy in bed, she can not hesitate to not answer the phone and avoid meeting.

Another common reason for a single escort is alcohol intoxication. Under the influence of alcohol, the world seems more colorful, and the surrounding-sexier and more attractive, in the morning everything can change dramatically, so you want to escape through the window.

Everyone makes a choice for themselves what is right for them. For some, escorting once is a taboo, for others it is a daily reality. Do not judge each other, because everyone is looking for something different and finds a suitable option. What unites supporters of long-term relationships and lovers of love for one night is the need to take care of their own health and contraception.
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