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Escort girl from Holon

Escort girl from Holon: sexual etiquette in relations

The rules of etiquette apply not only to going to the restaurant. They are also important in intimate relationships. Awkward situation in this case simply does not appear when everything will be carried out very carefully. Escort girl from Holon say that in a sexual relationship always has its own rules, to be followed by an experienced gentleman. Be gallant, then your relationship will be very strong and warm.

The first rule of relationships: female flirting, that is, she must always be ahead of the men. The female body has special properties to rapidly reach orgasm, because sometimes they need extra time and extra steps to come to the correct condition. During sex, the man should always first to offer the pleasure of his girlfriend, and then indulge yourself. That is, we must always let the lady come. Suppose she would end, and then will be able to finish you.

An exception can also result. Rights without exception. For example, if you strongly sexual relationship bored, you can arrange a special day egoistic manifestations, when you do everything yourself. Let this day will take place at least once a month. Whoever is selfish in bed, he always put the rules and regulations of sex relations. And it helps sometimes even excited. Sometimes it happens that people are full of very strong sexual arousal.

They can not restrain themselves, they want to quickly feel the beautiful sex. Unexpected sex helps to discover the spontaneous intimate relationships. Often, a sex takes place in a public place. A man should always carefully takes care of his girlfriend. If a man wants to master the entire Kama Sutra, you must first try to keep the girl from various injuries. After all, the lady may not be ready for such a pressure of passions. The initiative in the sexual part should always come from the ladies, but sometimes you can throw everything in a man.
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