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escort girls during the pandemic

escort girls during the pandemic – as it was before

In 2020, the world is facing a coronavirus epidemic. But Covid-19 is not the first dangerous disease that causes fear and panic in people. In former times, humanity had to endure the attacks of such terrible and deadly diseases as bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, and severe strains of influenza (the well-known Spanish flu). These diseases claimed the lives of millions of people, among whom were children and pregnant women, the elderly and ancient.

However, even during periods of terrible pandemics, when death loomed over every home, people continued to have sex to satisfy their natural needs. Moreover, many have come up with new versions of intimate games, which now may seem strange and even frightening.
Bath procedure

Residents of Ancient Rome often visited the bath – not so much for cleansing the body, but for relaxing the soul. When the Justinian plague struck the Roman Empire 500 years before the beginning of the new era, no one thought to close the baths. A dangerous infection continued to kill people for 200 years, and all this time the people of Rome continued to go to the baths. It was the only place where you could relax, forget about the danger for a while, and enjoy the hot water and scented soap. It was believed that visiting the bath helps to strengthen the inner strength that fights the disease.

But it was not only the desire to heal and purify themselves that drew the Romans to the baths. In these cozy establishments, people talked, rested, and discussed the news. The main fun was, of course, sexual contacts, in another way-escort girls. At that time, it was considered natural to engage in sexual relations without paying attention to the age and gender of the partner. Patricians and free citizens could not afford to engage in sexual activities with men and women who were below them in status. It was considered a disgrace. Slaves and courtesans (escort girls) were used as" sexual goods".
Orgies in Ancient Rome

The usual escort to Devushkiny it seemed boring. The ancient Romans were looking for new ways to satisfy animal instincts, so they often took part in mass orgies. These amusements were not just for the sake of lust and sexual pleasure, but also as a great act in honor of the goddess of beauty and carnal love, Venus. Orgies were allowed only inside the temple, but not everyone followed this rule.
escort girls are dead

Women of easy virtue in Ancient Rome did not disdain to serve customers even in the cemetery. Representatives of the stronger sex, who sell themselves, also agreed to sexual fun on cemetery slabs. escort girls offering escort girls in the burial ground wore special sandals with the phrase "Follow me"carved on the soles. Shoes left footprints on the ground, which could be found "cemetery courtesan".

In the XIV century, when Europe was under the rule of the bubonic plague, people revived Roman amusements-escorting girls to the cemetery became a common thing. The poor Europeans were literally going mad with the fear of infection and death. Vicious women were destroyed as carriers of a deadly infection. Outcasts and escort girls settled in cemeteries where they were relatively safe. There they also provided their intimate services. Some men deliberately bought such women and copulated with them on graves, hoping to cheat or defeat death.
What is happening now?

The new York city Department of health has offered frightened Americans a special way to meet their sexual needs. "Your own partner," is the slogan on TV and radio in America. New York city authorities believe that Masturbation is the best option for sex during the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, the Ministry notes that it is important to wash your hands before engaging in self-satisfaction and use soap for processing sex toys.

The same employees Of the new York Department of health offer another option of sexual relations-escort girls by video link. Mutual Masturbation will definitely not lead to infection with the coronavirus, but it will help to relieve sexual tension.
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