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Escort girls from Tel Aviv

Escort girls from Tel Aviv: what attitude was to masturbation at various times

Diogenes is said to legends, directly engaged in masturbation in front of people, and was not ashamed of anything. But not everyone can say that this approach to your instincts is the only correct. In particular, adults rarely flaunt their natural desires. Scientists say masturbate not only people, but also dolphins, cats, and other animals, and is considered to be quite a normal pace, say Escort girls from Tel Aviv.

Eli watch the myths of ancient Egypt, you can dig up a lot of interesting things about masturbation. For example, the sun god made all the other gods, spilling their seed during masturbation. The Egyptians believed that masturbation is akin to the creation of something new. In ancient Judea as masturbation is to define sin, reaching even to the crime. Sexual relations, as the ancient scrolls and treatises, were to take place only to have formed a new life. Because satisfy his own lust and passion was forbidden. Sperm should not just pour out.

Christians also spoke disapprovingly about masturbation. Specific ban, which is to say that you can not masturbate, in the Old Testament is not, but there is a legend about Onan, who spilled his seed on the ground without the need for which was punished by God. This is actually not engaged in masturbation Onan, and interrupted intercourse, but for some reason in the history of all this has become like masturbation.

Eastern peoples also believed that sexual masturbation is useless and harmful effects. For example, the Chinese believed that a man should always meet only a woman, but not to enjoy yourself. The full enjoyment can only be made with the other sex, but not alone. In Europe, too, masturbation is considered a negative effect. All the time, published some pseudo-scientific article that claimed that masturbation leads to blindness and other diseases. As a result, people were executed even if they were caught masturbating.
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