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Escort services in Tel Aviv

Escort services in Tel Aviv: abstention is very dangerous

There are stages in life when thinking about sex even comes out - either for health reasons or else this situation right now. Many people believe that abstaining from sex has no consequences, but it is the reality of situation? Escort services in Tel Aviv say that abstinence can present a major risk.

According to doctors, abstinence can be very dangerous. Representatives of different sexes differently pass this vital period. For girls it is dangerous to the mental plane. Not every lady in the absence of relations would sleep with a man just for the sake of animal lust. For men, this problem is solved quickly - they simply wanted an object that allows to realize the sexual needs of their body. Men abstinence often happens under duress, for example, stay in the army or in places not so remote.

Prolonged abstinence may cause a woman's body in some kind of disorder. During sex, the lady feels not so much physical pleasure and psychological - it is important the fact of sexual intimacy and trust. Sexual dissatisfaction in girls makes them irritable, sensitive (in a negative way), they appear difficulties at work and in relationships with other people.

Sexologists recommend masturbating in these difficult times. For men, it's never been an obstacle, but women always seemed like something terrible. But without giving the body discharge, they hurt their own psyche even more.

Men suffering with abstention often, on the contrary, physical. Depending on their age, lack of sex has a variety of consequences. In 25 years, a couple of weeks without sex, the guy will have no effect, after 30 years it can be fraught with the imminent recession orgasm and potency.
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