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Love and escort intimate relationships

Love and escort intimate relationships

Low self esteem

"You know, Masha, I feel like a complete freak. And in every sense of the word. Only the clothes worn by the famous Greek singer Demis Roussos are suitable for me. And I don't even want to go to bed with those awful thighs. And don't tell me I'm exaggerating again – I gave up on my body a long time ago. After all, happiness is not in this mortal shell. The main thing is that Kostya loves me for my own sake, not for the way I look. We can spend hours talking to each other, and we are never bored. We don't need sex!

Of course, Kostya sometimes hugs me, but this is just a gesture of comfort or support. You will laugh, but despite the fact that we know how to use a computer and a washing machine, I believe that we are both from the century before last" (from e-mail correspondence). Diagnosis: Of course, this is him-an inferiority complex, which diligently whispers to his mistress from day to day: "Why are you climbing with your pig's snout in the Kalashny row?

My advice to you is: don't get intimate with someone who was stupid enough to fall in love with you. If he sees you without your clothes on, he'll jump out the window." With such a massive attack on their own consciousness, even a top model will sooner or later feel ugly and decide that Platonic love is the best way out for people like her. And if a young person also once again does not look in the mirror, then they can already convince themselves for a couple that she is "not like this" and he is "not like this". That they have a high relationship. That they don't live in this world of orgies, fucking and other words invented by people who can't handle real love.

That all he needed was a suit of armor, and she needed a scented handkerchief. As it is, they are perfectly fine. God grant everyone. Recipe: I Wonder why you wear a Wonderbra, when you go to a Museum? And why does he buy dumbbells and now hide them in the closet when you come to see a new concept film? Maybe it's time to admit the obvious . You like each other both intellectually and physically, otherwise you wouldn't be together. Someone just needs to take the first step.

Ordinary affection

"I met him last summer on the beach. When our eyes met, I was struck by his sky-blue eyes. Embarrassed, he asked me my name and suggested that we meet in the evening. Then we walked along the embankment, holding hands. He told me about ancient civilizations, modern literature, and the political situation in the country. And so on every date. I was interested in him. I think he is an outstanding person with tremendous analytical abilities.

But the longer we meet, the more I feel like I'm just a grateful listener to him. It was only a month after our first meeting that our lips met for a kiss. But it was such an embarrassment for both of them! We didn't even know what to say to each other after that! I understand that our relationship is standing still. But I'm so used to it that I probably won't be able to break up and date someone else" (from a reader's letter).

Diagnosis: This is not a love relationship, but a habit of being with each other. Often this attachment arises from self-doubt, excessive modesty or shyness. Even in this situation, there is a fear of the future. Some young people try not to think about the fact that sooner or later it will be necessary to create a family in which both spiritual and physical ties should be equally strong. It happens that such couples create a family and quietly float along with the flow of life, or seek the services of an escort girls. But without a trusting relationship, they do not become happy in marriage. Recipe: you Probably dream of a strong and friendly family.

And a guy you date for more than a year causes you not only to admire, but also to desire physical intimacy. Just stop kidding yourself. Do not consider it humiliating to be the first to confess your love for him, which, among other things, involves passionate feelings. Challenge him to a Frank conversation about how he sees your relationship in the future.

Philosophical reflection

"Can I say that I am in love? Definitely. That is why I am disgusted with all these movements, this strained snuffling, this grunting – all that they say "they made love". What does love have to do with it? The philosopher Otto Weininger said that " love and lust are so different, exclusive of each other, even opposite States, that in those moments when a person really loves, it is absolutely impossible for him to think of bodily Union with the beloved being."

I absolutely agree with that. I want to shout to the world: "I'm happy, I'm in love!" But when my friend asks: "Does he have a big one?" – I shudder with disgust. Sex is the soulless copulation of a female and a male, required only for procreation. This has nothing to do with a person." Diagnosis: the Girl reviewed the "life of animals" and by complex reasoning came to the conclusion that if someone came from a monkey, it is definitely not her. It is born of Golden pollen, pure dew, and the light breath of the wind.

Most likely, after a few years, she will realize that virtue is not very popular due to the lack of volunteers, and will successfully mate with some hairy puffing male. But the sad thing is that she will always regret that she did not discover the joys of sex in its heyday and spent the best, cellulite-free and silky-skinned years as a professional virgin, rejecting any hint of physical intimacy. Recipe: Come on, this Weininger! After all, he was the one who claimed that women had no souls. And if we do not have this substance, then what can be the claims to our completely animal behavior from the point of view of philosophy?
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