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Relationships without words

Relationships without words

At all times, girls often complained that men are concerned and only interested in sex. Long ago, everyone got used to such complaints and do not take them too seriously. But times are changing and increasingly claim the opposite, that just girls start relationships only for the sake of carnal love. What makes women do this and what drives them? The reasons are various and individual, but some of them have already been identified and described.
Lack of heat. the girl simply missed the male attention because of the long absence of relationships. In General, girls are creatures in great need of love, affection and tenderness. But if in the life of a lady for a long time there was no suitable Beau and no one to love and hold hands for life – why suffer? In order not to give up pleasure because of their own pickiness, the girl starts a relationship for sex.

Usually, of course, the girl hopes that this relationship will become something more and lead to a full-fledged family, believing that the man will change and everything will be fine. If the partner is married, she will think for a long time about how one day he will leave the family and come to her. But such positive changes are extremely rare and sooner or later the intimate relationship ends, and the girl is looking for her man.

Physiological need. There are girls who need sex physiologically and mentally. More and more often talk about nymphomania – excessive enthusiasm for girls sex. These young ladies are looking for sex on the side, because one partner will not be able to satisfy them physically in any way. Often they build more than one relationship at the same time, drawing from them only physiological satisfaction. This disease is like a type of drug addiction. Over the years, an escort girl can learn to cope with herself and arrange a quiet family life. But often, on the contrary, young girls calm themselves down for the benefit of children, and already at the age of divorce and start up all sorts of serious things.

A vicious lust for fame. Some girls like to attract attention and appear immoral in society. They start relationships for show and bring them to intimacy, not particularly bothering with the qualities of the partner. Often they get pleasure from the process, not only from the attention. But they are definitely proud of their vicious popularity and never hide their new adventures and new men.

Complexes and lack of self-love. Fighting complexes is another reason why escort girls start relationships without obligations. Having a new partner, she seems to console herself and tells herself that she is pretty and good, since men fall for her. This helps not to wither and not to fall into depression, because women's self-esteem is well raised by the attention of the male sex.

So it will be exactly until the moment when the complexed Madam finds someone who will accept her with shortcomings and begin to praise her for her advantages. If she does not find it-there are plenty of men around who want to satisfy their physiological needs and pay millions of compliments for it, even simulating warm feelings for her. If the partner does the right thing and does not offend such a woman, their relationship based on mutual benefit will last for a long time, because everyone gets what they want. But if he does something bad to her and starts pointing out her shortcomings, she will become even more depressed.

Lack of time. In modern society, a girl is busy with herself, her education, career and self-realization. An ambitious lady simply can't find time to build a gradual relationship with a man. Talking and sorting out relationships is a pointless waste of such precious time in this life, romance and daily long walks-too. But the body requires what it needs, and it needs a man for that.

The most convenient solution in this case is to have a permanent lover, without burdening yourself with anything more than that. With such a person, the girl will meet about once a week and spend a night or weekend with him, and he will not require more attention and time, which is ideal for a busy girl.

Lack of passion with her husband. If a woman does not have enough attention from her partner – she still tries to get it at first. And when it doesn't? Yes, girls cheat on their husbands because the feelings fade and the man ceases to show care and demonstrate the former passion, sex becomes more and more rare, and the girl experiences.

Cheating girl does not want to ruin the marriage and often skillfully combines one with another – to run a household and build relationships with her husband, it is even easier, of course, if the husband does not notice the infidelity. Marriage can even get stronger after the lady gets what she wants and feels needed and desired again. And the fire in her eyes will be able to warm up her beloved, but long-extinguished husband, and return that necessary former passion.
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