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Rules for choosing clothing for escort girls

Rules for choosing clothing for escort girls and women with a non-standard figure

Every escort girl and woman, choosing their clothes, first of all wants it to suit her as much as possible, emphasize her advantages, hide her shortcomings and at the same time be fashionable and stylish. Every woman thinks about this, regardless of what type of figure she has. Unfortunately, many escort girls who have a non-standard figure, believe that they can not do it and only escort girls with a perfect figure can dress fashionably. Most often, escort girls come to this conclusion, because they do not have the necessary information with which they could independently choose a beautiful and comfortable suit. For example, escort girls corpuscular figure believe that its drawbacks they can cover up with shapeless clothes, or on the contrary, trying to pull off clothes of a smaller size, in the end, they not only decorate yourself, but on the contrary, emphasize its drawbacks.

escort girls and escort girls who have a non-standard type of figure, choosing their clothes, begin to fixate on their shortcomings, first of all on how they can hide them. This is their main mistake! Take into account their own characteristics when choosing clothes, of course, but women should not focus on this. There is a classic typology of figures that modern stylists rely on when creating fashionable and stylish images. They offer optimal models and styles specifically for each type separately. There are several main types of female figures: "pear", "Apple", "triangle", "rectangle"and " hourglass". So that you can choose the perfect outfit for yourself, you need to first understand what specific type of figure you belong to, and secondly use the tips when choosing clothes that match exactly your type.

One of the most classic and fairly common types is the "hourglass" type. This type of figure always looks attractive regardless of the height and size of the escort girl, because the figure always looks proportional. escort girls who belong to this type have a thin waist, and their hips and shoulders are almost the same width. Owners of such a figure should first of all focus on their main advantages, namely a thin waist. Therefore, their wardrobe should be dominated by women's styles of dresses that are quite tight, with a fitted cut. First of all, this is a sheath dress, a skirt with a wide belt of any cut, from straight to flared. The most relevant dresses will be retro style, for example, 50s and beyond. Trousers are better to choose with a low waist and narrowed slightly down. When choosing a jacket and coat, choose fitted styles or models that have a belt, regardless of what you want to buy a fur coat, down jacket or coat.

The opposite type of "hourglass" shape is the "Apple" shape type. Almost all escort girls with this fairly common type of figure have lush Breasts, fairly slender hips and legs, but they have a wide waist. Do not be upset about this, the main thing is to choose the right clothes for yourself, in which you will look the most advantageous. First of all, women with a figure like "Apple" when choosing a coat or dress, it is desirable to pay attention to styles with A-cut, sweatshirts and blouses with a V-neck, which are sure to emphasize all your advantages. Skirts are better to choose with a smell or slightly expanded. Trousers are straight, in which there is a straight line from the hip, which will further emphasize your slender and long legs.

The third type of figure, which is also common and common as the previous two types – is the "pear" type of figure. Having this type of figure escort girls have wide hips, narrow shoulders and full legs. When choosing clothes, they need to remember about the proportions, namely, to choose such styles that look more voluminous in the upper part of the body, so they can visually make their figure more proportional. For example, a blouse with a frill, a lantern sleeve, or ruffles can help them do this. Pants it is better to choose flared slightly flared skirt and a boxy cut. Women of this type are also very suitable for a trapezoid silhouette, both for a skirt and a dress. When choosing a coat and jacket, it is better to pay attention to things with a straight cut in the shoulders and a wide collar.

There is a type of female figure that is contraindicated styles that are ideally suited to the "pear" type. As a rule, these are escort girls who belong to the fourth type – "triangle". Women with this figure tend to have narrow hips, an inconspicuous waist and broad shoulders. When choosing their clothes, women of this type should never focus their attention on the upper part of the torso. Blouses with a simple cut, wide trousers, straight skirts with pleats and slightly narrowed dresses to the bottom will help you do this. When selecting outerwear, please note the hem of the coat it is desirable that the hem was decorated with pleating or something like that.

The fifth and final classic shape type is called "rectangle". In General, women of this type have almost no waist, there is a smooth line from the chest to the hips, and they also have flat buttocks. The main secret in choosing clothes for women with this type of figure is simple and strict styles. The dress should not fit the figure, but it should partially repeat it. Skirts can be scented or pleated. But trousers, sweatshirts, blouses, and jackets should be straight. For example, women of this type will also fit a straight coat made of dense material.
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