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Should I marry a priestess of love?

Should I marry a priestess of love?

An escort is not a fool, suitable only for bed. Among the priestesses of love, there are quite attractive, refined young women who are distinguished, moreover, by an outstanding mind, excellent intuition and education. A "night butterfly" can be much more attractive to a man than a decent woman. Often, whores break men's hearts. If a young man happened to fall into the network of a depraved hetaera, is it worth marrying her?

Family life with a former escort girl can be no different from marriage, with a so-called decent woman. It is no secret that many girls working as escort girls are dissatisfied with their profession. They dream of a good husband and child, marital happiness. In the industry of intimate services, they are not by attraction and vocation, but because of difficult circumstances, such as the illness of someone close to them, unpaid loans, the lack of any prospects in their native city or village.

Coming to the capital and major cities, the girls try to arrange their lives differently at first, but they meet wise and knowledgeable friends who open the doors to escort them. Subsequently, young ladies who are not inclined, in their mental makeup, to a depraved life, experience severe psychological crises and remorse, which, in the end, encourages them to leave the profession. If such a girl meets a man who will marry her and help her escape from the swamp, she will be sincerely grateful to her husband and will make every effort to create a family comfort. Of course, it is impossible to guarantee well – being and heavenly bliss, but strong motivation is already a lot.

A man needs to understand that there is another type of woman, the complete opposite of the previous one. Some young ladies become whores not under the pressure of circumstances, but because they want to be.

In this situation, money for intimate services is only an additional benefit. And, although such people do not meet often, they attract, first of all, male attention. After all, for them to have sex is a real pleasure. And they like intimacy with many representatives of the stronger sex. Once in the role of a wife, such a lady will not consider marital fidelity a virtue.

Most likely, she will not become a good mother, and even more so – a good housewife. But this woman is a true priestess of love. Should I marry her? On the one hand, it is most desirable. On the other hand, in order to make decisions consciously, it is necessary to assess the risk.

Men, especially at a young age, are sometimes very naive in relation to women. Some remain so until adulthood, and even old age. Among the representatives of the stronger sex, who adhere to conservative views, there is still an opinion that a woman is not inclined to lust, but allegedly seeks only to procreate. For such a man, knowing the other side of female nature can be a frustrating unpleasant surprise. However, modern young people are often full of illusions about the female half of humanity. Only mutual love and an attentive heart will lead to a true understanding, which is better to make the main criteria for choosing a life partner.
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