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Understanding the erogenous

Understanding the erogenous zones for quick orgasm

To the girl had an orgasm, a man has to work hard. It is necessary to have an idea of ​​how and where the female erogenous zones. It is also important to know which poses preferred partner, and of everything else that is related to sex. Escort girl Israel believe that sex is always nice to bring the highest pleasure and enjoyment, but it is important to iron all the erogenous area, not just one, popular and common.

The fastest orgasm, which was marked - is orgasm, which occurred in just forty seconds. Partners are at a distance from each other, but they did not stop to give vivid impressions of each other. Sometimes there are situations when a woman can get an orgasm from an event, say, of what has come sexy sms on the phone. It all starts and gives the perfect finish. Hence, our brains - it is also an erogenous zone, which can be quite exciting.

To understand where our hidden erogenous zones, you just have to try to carry out a sexual experiment. It is necessary to caress the girl in all places, and watch her reaction. If any of the zones will bring pleasure, then this area should be used as the core. Girls often do not realize what they can excite and push to orgasm. Sometimes men find sexy zone even in the most unexpected places. For example, a female tummy. Lasky it may also initiate and push to orgasm.

It is not necessary to caress the only area on the body of a woman who had all known and verified. After all, there are other, hidden sexual areas, which have not yet been as well studied and they may be different depending on the person. One woman can have an orgasm by fondling the nipples, and the other - from the caresses of the vagina, and the third could be the end of the finger in his anus. Men are advised to try, to put their experiments, experiments with the female body. After all, a woman's body, especially his beloved, to study very nice!
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