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What does the color of lipstick say about an escort girl

What does the color of lipstick say about an escort girl

The color of lipstick is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a reflection of the female character. And it is he who determines which lipstick the escort girl will choose.

 Lipstick brown shades choose the escort girl of a conservative warehouse, self-confident. And the darker the shades, the more authoritarian they are. Such escort girls achieve a lot in life, especially in the field of personnel management. And, unfortunately, they also use this tactic in family life.

 All shades of red, as well as tones close to berry, are preferred by the fair sex, who bet on their sexuality. They are reasonable, optimistic about life, and skillfully hide their feelings, which makes them seem cold. In the family, they do not strive for leadership, but are content with the second role.

 Extravagant escort girls choose scarlet lipstick that emphasizes their sexuality. Such escort girls play the role of vamp women, bitches, whose goal in life is to break men's hearts as much as possible. However, their hearts are often broken, because deep down these escort girls are very vulnerable and tender. Only no one guesses about this, and they are treated accordingly to their chosen image.

 Optimists who endure hardships in life prefer caramel lipstick and shades of pink, and no one will think that their life is not easy. They are not used to paying attention to small things and misunderstandings, and do not flaunt their feelings and personal problems, even in front of loved ones. At the same time, they are excellent Housewives, loyal wives and caring mothers.

 Cold pink shade is chosen by ladies who are absolutely sure of their irresistibility and superiority over others. In addition to beauty, they are not deprived of intelligence and talent, but prefer to dictate their own terms to others, and to shift matters to the shoulders of others. Often such escort girls become ordinary kept women. But those who are averse to dependence on men, make a brilliant career in the business of fashion and beauty .

 The peach color of lipstick is not indifferent to those who know their own value, calm, balanced natures, who do not seek to look better in other people's eyes. They behave naturally and allow others to do so, so they are tolerant of other people's shortcomings. For these escort girls, their work is important, but not as a career, but as a way to Express their mind and experience.

 escort girls with steel nerves, who love to attract attention, choose maroon, dark brown and dark purple colors. Usually this lipstick is "complete" with an outrageous appearance: hair, clothing, accessories. Often this lipstick is used by timid, indecisive ladies. But this "aggressive disguise" they wear until they meet a reliable man-a support in life, which no lipstick can frighten.

 Bright, garish colors are usually attracted to young people who Express their independence from public opinion and generally accepted laws in such an unusual way. Only creative natures and persistent nonconformists remain committed to this color of lipstick. These escort girls have a high level of intelligence, are extremely active and do not retreat before difficulties. Lovers of bright orange tones are sociable, typical extroverts.

 Natural shades, transparent lip gloss are preferred by escort girls who are happy with their appearance. If they want to draw attention to themselves, they highlight the eyes. These are very romantic and sentimental natures, living under the power of feelings, so they make many mistakes in life. They are hampered by self-doubt and indecision. Only in extreme situations show firmness of character.  
 escort girls who highlight their lips with contour pencil look quite aggressive. They are cold and strong, able to make a career and do not miss the opportunity to take a higher position in life, even at the expense of others. They are guided by naked calculation and cold reason. They do not compromise and are often unsuccessful in their personal lives.

 The color of lipstick may change with age in accordance with fashion, spiritual growth, life experience, but lipstick always remains an integral part of every escort girl.
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