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What is escort tourism

Today travel agencies invite travelers to visit many different countries. Escort tourism - a kind of travel option, focused on intimate communication between representatives of different countries. Mostly girls of easy virtue are involved in providing such services. an escort tourist can save on paying for intimate services due to lower rates in the country of arrival.


This range of services is characteristic of poor countries. If desired, even the fairer can find men engaged in this type of activity. The reasons for this behavior or hobby may be different, but according to statistics there are only a few.


    Strict restrictions and prohibitions on extramarital affairs in countries where an escort tourist resides.


    Inability to satisfy escorted fantasies in the country of residence.


    Addiction to escort diversity. This is expressed through a desire for intimacy with representatives of other races or nationalities.


    4. Often in poor countries there is the possibility of choosing younger and more attractive people of the opposite escort.


The emergence of the concept of “escort tourism” was facilitated by the transport connection of various countries, as well as rapidly developing relationships and interactions between entire nations. Escort tourism arose at the end of the twentieth century, pioneers here, of course, were men. Trends in establishing equality and erasing gender boundaries have led young ladies to choose tourist destinations too, but their percentage is still small.


According to studies conducted by travel agencies, women travel to other countries for intimate relationships much more often than men. These are mainly elderly women in Europe who are looking for new sensations. The purpose of their search is young and attractive men. Sometimes a woman up to 30 years old, independent and well-off, can go on such adventures in order to again feel herself desired. Also, preference is not given to one-time professional services, but to light resort romances that are paid by customers.


So, older European ladies go to Tel Aviv, where for a fee they receive the services of young men or girls who are ready to make an acquaintance for intimate communication. Due to the low economic level of the country, many Europeans in the eyes of the local population look very rich. It is also worth noting that they go to Kenya not so much for an escort, but for romance and a sense of femininity. At the same time, young ladies start a permanent gentleman, so as not to remove new ones every time.


Young people are also in great demand in Tel Aviv, while it is easier to remove a new boyfriend than a prostitute. In this country, you can also have an affair, spend all your vacation time with a guy, while requiring attention exclusively to yourself.


Another category of escort tourists are young Russians in Israel / Tel Aviv. However, such games need special caution, as in a Muslim country there are strict morals. However, this suits the girls as well - they are just snapped up by the young men of this country.


Escort tourism among men is quite developed. But the higher the economic level of the country visited, the more frankly the girls desire to get money. Priestesses of love in European countries work out a clearly defined time, and everything beyond the ordered service requires immediate calculation. But in these countries, you can not worry about sexually transmitted diseases or fraud.


Often men go to countries such as escort Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Israel, the Dominican Republic. In Thailand, women serve quickly, but cheaper. But you need to be careful, as you can run into infection or deception. Most escort tourists are male and middle-income people. The poor cannot afford it, and the truly rich prefer escort services.


And in conclusion, only one thing can be said: escort tourism is a very developed area among young and not very young people. There are no gender differences or limitations in this business. The only condition for such travel is the availability of a sufficient amount of material wealth and desire.
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