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What mistakes should be avoided escort call girls in the period of separation

What mistakes should be avoided escort call girls in the period of separation
Separation is the most painful period in the history of relationships. At this stage, you should know what mistakes escort call girls usually make and why they should be avoided. The first mistake escort call girls - this self-accusation. It is this act of self-abasement that often takes all the strength out of a prostitute. The direction of thoughts in the style: "If I had done something differently, he would not have left..." is wrong. No relief it will not give, but on the contrary finally "drown" the self-esteem of the individual in the" swamp " of suffering. You just need to understand that there is no certain right behavior that will definitely lead you and your man to the crown. Attempt to adjust, behave in a certain way that the man was happy, leads to the opposite-independents increasingly loses itself in the relationship, trying to earn the love of a partner, but to avoid parting is still not possible. The second mistake is the state when the individual begins to think that she needs to change! Truth change she wants not for themselves. She desperately wants to be different, so that the man was satisfied, opened up, went to meet. In such a situation, the last internal resource is usually spent to prove to a man that an individual is suitable for a relationship, that it is still possible to love her, call her to marry or at least continue a relationship with her. This error is usually expensive escort call girls. Rejection from a man, which usually follows later, finally knocks the ground out from under her feet. The third failure happens when the individual forgets about one important rule of relations – they should be quite simple already in the phase of romantic notes. Because if in a relatively favorable environment, you are strangers with a man and can not agree, what will happen when the crisis comes, and you will constantly live under the same roof? No couple can avoid the crisis. At the moment when between the man and the woman there is a pain, fear, grief, illness there will be no time for ostentatious demonstration of the "best" image of itself any more. What would happen then? All the same discord and parting. But more tragic. The fourth mistake occurs when the individual desperately tries to reach the heart of a man-writes to him, calls, agrees to resume relations or initiates them after parting. She believes that her love in a couple is enough. But individuals is mistaken. The role of a man in a couple can not be replaced. And no one will give the individual a sense of security, uniqueness, if the man himself does not do it. Therefore, all attempts to return the relationship does not end with anything. The fifth wrong step is to waste time and energy thinking about lost love and dreams. In fact, it only tickles the already shattered nerves of the prostitute and makes her forget that life is given to her for another – not for suffering. It is after parting that you can and should occupy your life. It is necessary to start on" pieces " to collect itself, to remember the desires, dreams, the purposes. Engage in health promotion, self-development, their appearance, disclosure of talents. Awareness of the main mistakes at the stage of parting with a man will help to accept your current loneliness as an event that needed to happen. individuals will be able to wait for the moment when she understands why she needed these failed relationships. Then she will certainly say thank you to this experience. After all, he had made her wiser and, above all, allowed her to know her true self.
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