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What to give an escorts girls on March 8?

What to give an escorts girls on March 8?

For more than a century, the whole world has been celebrating March 8. From historical sources, it is known that this holiday dates back to 1908, when factory workers filled new York, demanding equality between men and women, and respect for the female sex. They did it.

On the eve of March 8, many real men are wondering what to give an escort to a girl on this day can find in Tel Aviv? On a beautiful spring day, when the window still reigns frosty coolness, for an escort girl, as before, a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful wrapper, of course, is the most standard gift. You should also pay attention to the choice of colors themselves: Mimosa and tulips are better left to your grandmother, and for your favorite escort girl, pick something more original. On such a significant day, flowers always bring joy. You can give them to other holidays, but you must remember that you can not always get away with flowers alone. This year, we will help you be more creative with your gift selection.

Cosmetics and perfumes are a good option for a good gift to an escort girl. It is known that the female sex loves cosmetics, and it's no secret, but favorite tools tend to end quickly. If the presented eau de toilette did not like the escort girl very much, then the option to give it to her friend or mother-in-law will be a good way out of the situation. It is very difficult for men, almost impossible, to guess their favorite lipstick, shadow or mascara escort girls. It is for this reason that you should not present gifts that you are not sure about on a holiday.

On the main spring day, you can give your lady a certificate for visiting the Spa (cosmetic, relaxing and other procedures), the choice is large, but you need to find something that will suit her.

A spacious and stylish organizer for cosmetics is a very good gift if the escort girl has nowhere to put cosmetics and accessories.

You can give your escort girl a more original gift, for example, a trip to the amusement Park or amusement Park, ride with your favorite on roller skates and swings, shoot in the dash. This March 8 will not be forgotten.

The great actress and singer Marilyn Monroe is known for her well-known saying: "girls' Best friends are diamonds!". Products made of gold, silver, and precious stones will become a chic gift for your favorite women for the most tender holiday of spring.
If you do not have enough money to buy jewelry, give jewelry that is an imitation of jewelry, but they must be extremely fashionable and elegant. For example, you can find out what is fashionable in 2015.

The precious metals (platinum, silver) presented on March 8, along with shiny stones, are able to win a woman's heart. Also, on women's day, representatives of the fair sex can present expensive wine and various decorative products. Handmade jewelry items, namely branded pens "Parker", "Erich Krause" with a Golden feather, studded with small diamonds that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

On March 8, as a gift, present women with cute and fluffy Pets, but it will be correct if the culprit of the holiday gives a positive response to such a gift in advance. You can also present fashionable items that will perfectly fit into a lady's wardrobe (belt, sunglasses, fashionable bag, stylish scarf, seals). On March day, confectionery, good wine and other similar gifts will be very useful.

You can give an escort to a girl, if she smokes, a block of cigarettes, which she prefers, but almost does not buy them because of the high cost of the brand. Cigars from Havana itself, a lighter and a decorative ashtray will be a good gift. All sorts of household items can perfectly fit, but in the event that you are sure that she does not have them.

For an escort girl-boss, a good gift will be art objects, for example, beautiful statuettes of famous masters, paintings, etc.

A native and beloved mother can be presented with a gift that allows her to feel the most beautiful and desirable. But do not present things that are associated with additional worries and troubles. Suitable only gifts that emphasize her femininity and beauty: flowers and cosmetics.

You can give your favorite grandmothers something that will help them feel even more comfortable (comfortable Slippers or health products), for example, a miracle balm for all diseases.

Another suitable gift will be an envelope with money. Remember that it will be an act of bad taste if you give his escort to a girl working in the performance (the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's office, etc.) and it can be considered a bribe. If you don't have enough money for a gift, you can do something with your own hands.

There is a well-known saying: "escort girls love their ears." Accompanying the delivery of a gift with pleasant and warm words to your favorite escort girl (the poems are written in her honor) will certainly be a wonderful gesture on your part.
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