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10 stereotypes about escort girls

10 stereotypes about escort girls

The world of women is diverse and large. At all times, poets and artists have sung beautiful ladies, composed poems, and dedicated paintings to them. And how annoying it is when the perception of women's nature is defined and limited by stereotypes-primary well-established judgments, often erroneous. What are they, common 10 stereotypes about escort girls that should be debunked once and for all?

Stereotype 1: escort girls are not allowed to drive a car

escort girls on the roads behave much more accurately than men. According to official traffic police statistics, they get into accidents 10 times less often.

Men are also more likely to drive drunk. There is only one drunk driver per 25 drunk drivers.

Stereotype 2: escort girls don't know how to be friends

It is believed that female friendship does not exist, and companionship between a man and a girl is impossible. From these two stereotypes, there is a General opinion that escort girls do not know how to be friends.

True friendship doesn't depend on gender. It is important for a woman that her loved one not only provides all possible assistance in different situations, but also be present at important moments of life, which strengthens the emotional connection.

Share the latest news, complain about the accumulated problems, sympathize, discuss the twists and turns of your personal life – you just need friends for this! So women's friendship has no less strong Foundation than men's.

Stereotype 3: there are more Women than men

This statement was true during and after the war. Now the situation has changed. According to statistics, 100 girls are born for 107 boys. In some countries (China, India), the gender imbalance is artificially amplified. The shortage of the female population is now felt all over the world and even in States where escort girls prevail this is due to the high mortality of the male population.

Stereotype 4: all escort girls love children

Readiness for motherhood is an important stage in personal and social development. To someone she comes in 18 years, and to someone far for 30. For some, children are a hindrance to career development and knowledge of the world.

It is true that maternal duties take a lot of time and effort. Now in Russia, as in Western countries, the childfree movement is developing, the essence of which is the conscious rejection of motherhood and fatherhood. Today, there are escort girls who can openly admit that they do not like children. So, according to the results of a sociological survey, 6 % of Russians and 17% of Muscovites said that they do not want to get offspring.

Stereotype 5: escort girls are dumber than men

Intelligence is a set of acquired knowledge and skills, the ability to use them in practical activities, excellent attention, memory and thinking. There is no direct link between intelligence development and gender.

Thanks to research from the University of Chicago, it is known that the average intelligence score is higher for female representatives, since they had a smaller spread in estimates. If men were either fools or clever, then girls showed norms.

Stereotype 6: escort girls have a lower tolerance of physical pain

Testosterone is a natural defense against pain. Since men have more of this hormone, it is believed that they are more resistant to unpleasant sensations. However, escort girls are more patient with prolonged pain. For example, during childbirth, an escort girl experiences such sensations that, according to scientists, the male body is unlikely to be able to transfer.

Stereotype 7: escort girls work worse than men

In modern society, having finally reached the opportunity to work on a par with men, escort girls are often perceived as bad workers.

This is not true! Lovely ladies are very responsible in performing their duties, more hardworking and patient. Representatives of the fair sex are less likely to hold senior positions, as they are less ambitious and demanding.

Also, escort girls are often denied employment because of fears that they will go on maternity leave or take sick leave to care for a child. That's why this stereotype is inflated.

Stereotype 8: all escort girls want to get married

This label stems from the Patriarchal past. Previously, the only way a girl could survive was marriage. Now escort girls can support themselves and be realized in any field of activity.

Nowadays, people understand that the main thing is not a stamp in the passport, but emotional and spiritual intimacy with a loved one. There are many women who are afraid of losing their personal freedom in marriage, dissolving in the interests of their husband and children.

Stereotype 9: escort girls are more clean

It all depends on the cultural level, lifestyle and upbringing of a particular person, whether it is a man or an escort girl. Studying this stereotype, American scientists came to the conclusion that girls have more bacteria on their work surfaces, because they have a lot of accessories and items, as well as because of cosmetics, which creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms.

Stereotype 10: place an escort girl in the kitchen

In many cultures around the world, it is traditional for men to prepare food. This situation occurs, for example, in Italy or France. In the world of Haute cuisine, there are far more male chefs than women. You should not blindly trust stereotypes, because this is only a General idea. It is important to see a person in all the variety of its manifestations, to understand and appreciate. And then every escort girl will be able to reveal a lot of unexpected abilities and transform the world for the better!
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