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An escort girl can make a great wife

A collection of male prejudices

An escort girls can make a great wife

One of the arguments that refutes such a statement is this: if a girl becomes an escort girl of her own free will, it means that she likes easy money. These ladies have very vague notions of decency, they are greedy and lazy. Such women mostly perceive men as objects for profit. an escort girl can at best be a good lover. But whether she will make a great wife is a big question. The wife must be loved, the only one, attentive and kind, it is difficult to apply all this to the former escort girl. A man who has taken such a woman to wife will always doubt her decency and loyalty.

If you raise a girl from a young age and bring her up "for yourself", then she will remain yours for life

This misconception is sometimes found in the male environment. In the mind of a teenage girl, her first man occupies a special place — he is the core of wisdom, determination and masculinity. But having won this man, the girl will inevitably lose interest and start looking for another man. This is neither good nor bad, it's just that she is still young and will strive for diversity, knowledge of herself and others.

For a girl, experience in relationships is very important, she should get some variety in love relationships and eventually choose one. Another argument that refutes this misconception is that a man who will raise her from an early age, a woman will begin to perceive first as a father, and only then as an intimate partner.

A girl who has "worked up" to the moment of meeting a man who wants to marry her will calm down and eventually become a faithful wife to him

Many men want this wording to be the rule. But this is not true! Such a woman has developed a certain behavioral scenario. And with the man who wants to see her as his wife, in most cases, she will behave exactly the same. Deviations from the usual chain of actions are possible as long as she is experiencing a strong love, but as soon as the rush and euphoria subsides, the past stereotype will make itself felt. And the groom risks adding to the long list of used partners instead of the wedding.

Many men believe that female frigidity is a myth

Unfortunately, this is not a myth, but a reality. Frigidity has different causes, in addition to physiological problems, the roots of this deviation can be purely psychological. For example, these are events that occurred during adolescence, mental violence in the family, or negative experiences in relationships with guys. Such negative factors can form a stable inferiority complex, and subsequently-frigidity.

Sexuality, which was suppressed for various reasons in adolescence, can lead to a girl becoming less sensitive in intimate terms. Either she has a negative attitude to sex, and the belief that sexual relations are not necessary, because she does not get pleasure from them. Therefore, many girls in this case remain single and avoid any relationship.

A man should be pumped up and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is a stereotype that came to us from the West. In fact, many girls are put off by excessive muscle mass. Women love attention and the actions they do for them. A man should first of all prove his masculinity by behavior, not by the presence of muscles.

If a woman likes to dress brightly and provocatively, then this indicates her sexuality

In fact, this indicates not her high sensuality and femininity, but that she loves to attract the attention of men and deliberately dresses like this. And sensual women can often look like "gray mice", and you can recognize their sexuality by other signs.
If we have a very strong love for each other, we will never break up

The majority of representatives of the stronger sex have similar confidence. But there is such a thing as addiction. No matter how deeply a man and a woman love each other, the attraction fades over time. People get tired of each other, routine comes, and they start looking for new experiences. Some find them in relationships on the side. To prevent love from passing, it is sometimes advisable for partners to be alone and rethink their lives.

If you do not want to lose a dear person, you need to think about how to improve the quality of your life, make it more diverse and rich, and not stick in the ordinary and gray.

We are part of one whole

This phrase about two halves is quite popular, but you should be aware that each person is a unique and unique person who has their own desires, and they will not always coincide with the needs of another person. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate the uniqueness of your chosen one, respect their preferences and promote them.

If a girl finds out about my shortcomings, she will leave me

If the companion leaves the man only because he has some shortcomings, it means that she does not love, does not accept and does not respect him as a person. A true loving woman will accept a man for what he is and will not turn away from him.

The beloved girl will always feel the desires and needs of her man

If your chosen one is not clairvoyant, then to think so is to be very wrong. Each person has their own vision of the situation, and we perceive the world and each other differently. To achieve understanding, you must talk about your inner experiences. Often from elementary misunderstandings conflicts and quarrels in the family are born.
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