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How to behave as an escort girls in a mens team-building a successful career

How to behave as an escort girls in a mens team-building a successful career

The men's team is a special state with its own laws, preferences, and priorities. But it happens that an escort girl has to spend the entire working day side by side with the stronger sex, sharing with them all the difficulties of everyday work. Is it necessary to have a strong character to constantly feel the presence of only one man, if the circumstances of the service so developed? And how to behave so as not to give rise to intrigue and gossip?

This is not an easy task, but it is quite doable – you only need to adhere to certain rules, then the respect of colleagues will be won, and work will become much easier.

Modern escort girls are different from previous generations. They are more purposeful, make decisions quickly, will be able to answer for their actions, and even after experiencing great trouble, do not give up, continuing to move forward. With complex work problems, an escort girl copes on a par with a man, because the line between professions is gradually erased.

an escort girl in a male team should choose a line of behavior for herself, support only certain topics of conversation. Clothing also plays a significant role in creating an image. Now you will have to choose things for work very carefully. When you present yourself to the team for the first time, you should dress in a classic strict style, observing business etiquette and forgetting about mini-skirts, tight trousers, too high heels, a deep neckline and romantic lace and ruffles.

Numerous decorations are also better left for entertainment establishments. It is not recommended to do very bright makeup, so as not to create the impression of frivolity.

But all recommendations do not mean that you need to come to work dressed in shapeless clothes of faded colors. You can focus on bright additions that will give the overall appearance of femininity.

Behavior in a male team dictates a special tactic. Men communicate with each other harshly, often adding a strong word, do not tend to talk during work, do not show special emotions and, above all, appreciate professional qualities. Therefore, you should also adapt to such communication.

If on the first working day a woman was accepted into the team with approval, a smile and a joke, it does not mean anything. In fact, everyone is calculating possible options for working with a new employee. Men are used to working as a team, and it is very important for them how the productivity of the escort girl will affect the overall process, and whether the new employee will be able to give a positive result.

In this case, they are interested in who is in front of them – a professional or an experienced heartthrob who will not be interested in production processes. The main thing is to be able to prove with your work that the team will not suffer, but, on the contrary, has acquired a new employee with professional skills.

Of course, the lapping of characters will begin from the first day, there will be discussions, jokes, teasing ahead. There are several reasons for this. First, a woman is tested for strength, and at the same time check her sense of humor. Secondly, irony often hides a sense of insecurity or embarrassment caused by the presence of such a cute employee of the opposite sex. This behavior is quite typical of men.

an escort girl should learn not to be embarrassed, and most importantly – not to get lost in any unusual situation. Men like to assert themselves at the expense of women, so do not think that the team is not happy with the new specialist. Having overcome another difficulty with dignity, we can assume that the enrollment in the team was successful.

But do not put an ultimatum, threatening, for example, that in the case of offensive jokes, the boss will find out about it. Such conditions may not be understood in the way we would like. Maybe the women's plans did not include a showdown and threats, but the consequences may not be as expected. And if you refuse the ultimatum, then employees will stop taking words seriously, and can start dictating their terms.

Many men in the presence of women become more collected, they work much more comfortably, and they are ready to help at any moment. People of the older generation tend to do this.

Usually, being in a male group, an escort girl chooses some model of behavior, most often speaking:

an equal member of the team, proving by their work that they will not be inferior to men by any criteria, participating as equals in a tough competition and proving their high professionalism. With men in this case, the escort girl is on an equal footing, successfully overcoming the set pace. Thus, the respect of colleagues will be ensured;
as an inspiration. This means that the escort girl is not going to work on an equal basis with men, she is not interested in promotion, tough competition. But its functions are irreplaceable, especially when you need to maintain a positive working mood, defuse a negative situation, and stop a brewing quarrel in time.

If an escort girl has a share of managing a male team, you will have to forget about such qualities as softness. You need to constantly prove your right to be in this position. Therefore, it is better not to be nervous, but to concentrate and prove to everyone that this place was not obtained by chance.
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