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Dominant call girl Convention or condit

Dominant call girl: Convention or condition of the game?

For sure? every girl on call at least once uttered to herself or even aloud the phrase " all men are goats." Almost all single representatives of the weaker sex grumble at men. This discontent is born in the call girl, thanks to the lack of sexual success in the stronger sex. Every girl or escort in and out call girls wants to be happy, and it is so usual that the main component of happiness is the presence of a life partner. In society it is accepted to believe that loneliness is always a joyless existence. Single escort call girls must take care of themselves, to achieve their goals, which is reflected in the negative attitude to the stronger sex.

As a result, the desire to be independent is born. Independence is the flip side of not being dependent on anyone. Deep down, every successful single call girl wants to have a strong man who will protect her, take care of her. Nobody wants to wait for old age, vegetating in poverty, so the call girl goes to achieve success on her own. And the more successful she becomes, the fewer men willing to take care of her. A strong call girl in many men subconsciously evokes a sense of equality. They do not look upon it as a weaker object to be cared for and protected. They feel that this representative of the weaker sex will do everything for herself.

And there comes a time when a successful call girl turns into an influential one, and an influential one turns into a dominant one. The most depressing factor for a escort in and out call girls is that there are fewer and fewer men who want to take her under their care and take part in her life.

In modern society, this type of call girls is becoming more common. These are escort call girls, escort call girls - "alpha-females" that is absolutely atypical for human hierarchy. In our society, the normal dominant sex is males. They fight with each other, win the liked females. escort call girls are satisfied with the choice of males. The more successful the female gets the male, the higher her position in the hierarchy, having met and surrounded the "alpha male", she automatically becomes the "alpha female". Between themselves females not compete. It is not inherent in escort call girls by nature. Its main function is the birth and care of offspring. When taking the leading position, the female practically assumes the role of the male, which is absolutely not the norm. It is possible that such failures in the program will contribute to various genetic mutations in the future.

Gradually emerging male psychology repels initially given by nature female energy. The representative of the weaker sex rejects the main female duties – cooking, farming, raising offspring. She begins to fight for power and money, openly declare to men about the ability to fight them in this society. Thus, society divides call girls into dominant and subordinate.

escort call girls, in which the male psychology is formed, become more depraved, more adventurous, polygamy is born in them. They lose the sensitivity inherent in the female sex, cease to feel the need for love, needing only physical sexual intercourse. Many of these call girls leaders believe that this is what a successful person should be, but this is a profound misconception. In our society, success is not a good career, a lot of money or a huge number of sexual partners. Success is to be a representative of the higher strata of society. And achieve this just those "alpha females" who managed to enter into a relationship with the" alpha males " Thus, the modern dominant call girl is just an attempt to turn herself into a man.

When achieving career heights and success in the financial sphere, it is very important for any representative of the fair sex to preserve the principles inherent in her nature. Innate femininity, flexibility, tenderness, complaisance and the desire to depend on a stronger partner. Being engaged in a man's business, the female energy gradually begins to be transformed into a man's. These are not immediately noticeable changes, but are difficult to reverse. Independence is a man's prerogative. Wishing to get it in addition receive and male qualities. It's inevitable.

The most compromise option in this case-conditional type of the dominating escort in and out call girls who shows full independence and imperiousness, but only at work, at construction of own career. In the family, circle of friends, she transformed into a homelike creature with soft, kind, loving heart. However, this call girl is also not immune from mental transformation into a man. There is a very fine line, it is difficult to preserve call girls's qualities in this situation.

This is a completely new and still incomprehensible phenomenon. Such an effect of transformation of a escort in and out call girls into a leader has not been studied in dynamics, so it is very difficult to say what it is fraught with for the future generation at the moment.
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