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Escort girls from Ramle

Escort girls from Ramle massage prostate properly

So, where to look for the prostate? The size and shape of the prostate is reminiscent of chestnut. Not so easy to find it - it is located under the bladder, surrounding the upper region of the channel of urination. To get there turn out through the anus, which need to get somewhere in the 5 cm - on the front wall, close to the stomach, there is a slight bulge, say Escort Girls from Ramle .

Men often question the need for these caresses, because it causes a certain hint of homosexuality. Prostate massage for them - some terrible taboo.

In order to convince the unwilling man, start with a simple massage of the entire body. Gently and slowly walk around the head, shoulders, neck, back, buttocks and then (they should pay close attention). Loyal approach would start typing in the sexual area.

If your partner is categorically against, you have to perform a special massage. Stimulate the area between the testicles and anus - gently caressed her, alternating with the movements of such movements in a circle.

This procedure is important to plan ahead. Prepare a lubricant, gloves or fingertip. Hands should be actively flushed both before and after exposure. On your hands should not be uncut nails, because they can harm the mucous membrane.

If your partner agrees to the procedure of stimulation of the prostate, stock up on plenty of lubricant. Gently insert your finger into the anus until you find the desired seal, start it exciting. Pressure should be gentle, but keeping the rhythm, be sure to watch the reaction of the men. This massage will complement the enjoyable oral sex.
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