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Escort girls from the center: foreplay

Escort girls from the center: foreplay is important for any man

Every man wants to foreplay first violin plays a woman. Escort in Israel girls from the center say that men love it when the girls start the prelude, tear the clothes themselves stripped of their partner. This role reversal is required to have the liking of any man. But not all women somehow are interested in this. They often believe that the man himself has to break them, have sex with them, give them a prelude that will last a very long time.

But prelude to sex and men are required. It is a fact that can not be refuted. How to start a march bed? It is necessary to choose the appropriate time and go to the partner. Then gently kiss him and slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He can say what he will do, but do not let him carry anything, let it be under your control. The most important thing during such sexual undressing - to do everything slowly, because haste is only hinders and discourages.

If you throw a shirt unbuttoned all the buttons do not, you can simply break the thing, which may be expensive, and the man is upset. When it was undone buttons, you can reset it to that component wear. You can walk through the language of his hands, in his torso. But while it is better not to touch the genitals, that they may remain for later. The man enough sexual areas and areas that help to enjoy. Not necessarily immediately move to the penis and testicles. It is all left for later. You can try to touch his hair, hold them by hand. You can try to fondle his tips of the ears, his lobes. It will be very nice.

If a man has finally relaxed, you can start the warmest affection. You can try to fondle his nipples to lick them, it's very exciting. Then you can try to lick the toes of a man. Each finger individually. But most importantly - it does not touch a member! Lasky penis - is the main dessert, which will be left at the very end of foreplay.
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