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Escort girls of love on Kuprin

Escort girls of love on Kuprin

Today, probably, no one will be surprised by the news that the capital's (and not only) police officers have covered up here and there another hangout disguised as a sauna or massage parlor. Someone will awaken the joy that one point of debauchery will become less, someone will look at the workers of such an institution with pity and regret, someone with contempt and disgust.

But why this immoral and senseless conversation? - Ask the reader who does not understand, well, I will try to give a decent answer. Recently, looking through my rather large library, I came across the already forgotten story by Alexander Kuprin "the Pit". Each of us probably read this miracle of naturalistic prose in school.

Having reread it literally in one breath, I still can't get away from the impression. In the story, against the background of prosaic gray everyday life of the brothel, you can see a thin red thread of two of the most striking representatives of this ancient profession. The first Lubka, a village illiterate girl whom Lichonin took to teach her to read and write.

But he quickly realizes that he has rushed to conclusions and Lubka is not able to read, disappointed in her, Lichonin releases his failed student back to the den. The second girl is Eugene, lively, beautiful and a lot of reading, but how did she get there? - The reader will ask quite reasonably, in General, girls in different ways got to such places, someone sold, as a certain Horizon his wife still quite, being innocent.

Someone ran away from the free life to hide for a while under the" yellow " ticket of an escort girl from the police. Others, like Eugene, were sold as children by their mothers and, after going hand in hand, ended up in such "middle-class" houses. At the end of the story, Eugene accidentally realizes that she has contracted syphilis, which for a month and a half infects her clients out of hatred and revenge for men.

Before another Saturday inspection, she commits suicide, marking the end of the life of the brothel and including the entire Yamskaya street. Kuprin is one of the few writers, classics, who could describe the life of these now humiliated women, so motley, humane, tragic and not vulgar. There is also some autobiography in this story, it is said that he himself visited these institutions, watching with interest the life of these women.

Subsequently, this was embodied in one of the characters of the story, I honorfully pay tribute to Kuprin, because he created this work for six years from 1908 to 1914, although the idea itself was born in 1906. But after releasing the long-awaited story, he was most likely overtaken by some disappointment, the public met it ambiguously, probably even with a certain rejection.

After all, to release such a work at a time when marriage was considered sacred was, to put it mildly, outrageous. Chukovsky, in turn, called this story "a slap in the face" to all modern society, in his opinion, it was necessary not to humiliate the escort of the girl, but to eradicate, reconstructing society so that this eyesore does not remain. In my opinion, the story "Yama" allows you to take a completely different look at the daily life and work of these girls who are exhausted by fate, and have seen a lot on their not long journey.

So, in my opinion, this is an eyesore for the public will always be, as long as humanity exists. Just as there was a gap between the intelligentsia and the simple, hard-working people, who are always more than intellectuals. She, that is, the story, makes you look at the girls themselves in a different way. No longer as if they were humiliated by the whole society, but as a separate social unit that had not been created at a whim in one place or another.

What does this story teach us? – The reasonably attentive reader will ask, but at least to the fact that we should not now spit in the faces of these girls and snort shouting: "It's an outrage!» And don't put their pimps in jail, or rather should, but last of all. And first of all, we must look at ourselves, because we are the ones who buy them, and with them, intimate infections.

It is our fault that when some of them close, other dens immediately appear, like mushrooms after a rain, because as long as there is demand, there is also a supply. Ending this article about the story of Alexander Kuprin, I suggest you think at your leisure about the above. All the best, dear reader!
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