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Escort service to the business center

Escort service to the business center: sexual trauma during sex

So, what if in the midst of intimate games there was "a delicate situation" (the degree of troubles and pain that appears may be different)? Bridle broken - how to be? Sexually, it is very important to reach orgasm, and even bring the lady to finish, here in ecstasy, not controlling their movements, you can overdo it, but still so that the ligament between the head and tear the flesh, saying Escort service to the business center.

Bleeding exactly there, but obviously not very strong. Ask the lady cotton pad, itself, sterile, and leaned against it to the break after moistening it with antiseptic - that the bleeding has stopped. If the night was only the beginning, I put a bandage on the penis, moderately tight, but not too careful. Then try to go to sleep and in the morning intimate injury can not disturb, but the doctor still better go. After once again torn frenulum may, more and more often. A plastic surgery to bridle performed under local anesthesia and requires about 10 minutes.

A situation where the member does not get out. In practice, such situations are rare, they can be compared with big jackpot machines. But, suddenly, you will be just such. Let's see, what to do in this situation.

During sex vaginal muscles girls can greatly shrink, and it happens unpredictably. Contrary to legend, it does not come from some kind of fear there. So, the muscles can squeeze so hard that the man will not be able to pull his penis, and even the pain experience. The woman is not able to influence the spasm of the vagina.

In such a situation should be nothing waiting, call an ambulance. On a stretcher, with shame, you carry off from the house, no one will. To make your penis has appeared in the wild, only need a single injection.
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