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How is playing with women’s nipples?

How is playing with women's nipples?

Women's nipples - a very sensitive part of the body the ladies. This is due to the fact that the female body a lot of erogenous zones and nipples - perhaps one of the most exciting areas of this plan. Escort girl nes ziona say breast fondling girls bring a lot of pleasure, but it must be very well their pet. So often caress his chest and are a mandatory part of sexual rest. There are many ways how you can affect the nipples.

Firstly, it is worth noting tweaking the nipples. This should be done with your fingertips, lightly touching the nipples, without undue pressure and effort. Pinching the nipple itself capable woman and her companion. This is done either during foreplay or during cunnilingus. Second, a good option is a caress nipples licking his chest. Chest will lick the partner, but if you give the size to do it, maybe the lady licking. As shown by numerous studies, the girls for some reason, like when they lick only the left chest. Perhaps it more receptors.

It is also important to remember that breast licking helps get the maximum pleasure. Licking female nipples very sensible procedure, from which she could even finish. Yet another method of influence on women's breasts - this is her drawing. The guy has to take the chest in his hand and try to grasp the nipple with your fingers. Next you need to be a little nipple tighten up. This method is quite hard, but if you execute it is not too rough, she got a real, bright and pleasant enjoyment. You can also gently suck the breast - it is also very pleasant procedure that can later bring a lot of pleasure. Finally, the most rare variant - the impact on the chest of the vacuum pump. Such devices are purchased girls to somehow diversify sexual caresses. In principle, this option is also quite a viable.
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