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How to win the favor of an escort girl simple tips

How to win the favor of an escort girls simple tips

Most modern guys often wonder: "How to please an escort girl?". You think that you are perfect, you are the embodiment of the dream of any representative of the fair sex, but somehow it does not stick, and you are still alone. If this topic is familiar to you, then be sure to read the article to the end, here you will find answers to many questions that have been tormenting you for a long time.

So, let's go to the main thing. Do you think that you are quite beautiful, well-built and brutal? Look at yourself more closely, maybe this, such a cute, in your opinion, tummy is not so cute? And is it worth switching to healthier food, and it's time to start going to the gym?

Does your hair and beard look good on you? Try to change your hairstyle and give up the beard. Let's tell you a terrible secret, but a huge number of girls generally hate men with beards. Not ready to part with this part of your image? Well, look for those few who are really attracted to the beard, and immediately be patient. And don't forget that facial hair needs to be taken care of very carefully.Don't think that because she's grown up, you're already macho.

Next, it is worth discussing such a topic as personal hygiene. You will say: "Why teach me, I already know how to brush my teeth and swim." We will not argue, but do not forget that you need to brush your teeth not occasionally, but every day. And ideally, twice a day, after eating, use a toothpick or dental floss, chew gum. By the way, this is also a certain art: you should chew with your mouth closed, not slurp, and especially not try to work your jaw intensively during a conversation.

You also need to take a shower every day, and depending on your physiology, work and lifestyle in General, even more often. Be sure to wash thoroughly before a date with an escort girls, the smell of sweat has not attracted anyone yet.

Special attention should be paid to the hair and scalp. Perhaps you need to treat your hair, and get rid of dandruff in General in the first place. Remove hair in the armpits, imagine, this is done not only by an escort girl, but also by any man who respects himself and others. Hair under the armpits looks disgusting, repulsive, and we are not talking about hygiene at all. Do not forget about your hands and feet, carefully monitor their cleanliness and regularly trim your nails carefully. Many men have a habit of growing a long nail on their little finger. What for? This is disgusting! Are you going to measure the length of your first date with an escort girl? Get rid of it immediately!

With personal hygiene finished, now let's move on to clothing. You should always be washed, ironed and in clean, polished shoes. Do you think that little spot on your shirt doesn't show at all? It is noticeable, even as! Immediately put all your clothes in order. And don't forget your shoes.

Now you are ready to please an escort girl, but only outwardly. Let's talk about behavior. Men, stop spitting, you are not a camel, it looks very ugly from the outside. Do not shuffle your feet, your gait should be light and confident. Don't sniffle, because smart people have been using handkerchiefs for this purpose for a long time. They can also be disposable, and there are no problems with them at all. Needless to say, picking your nose, ears, or itching is simply unacceptable. This is probably the worst thing imaginable.

Well, now we smoothly move to the most important thing-a date and communication with an escort girl. Remember what a woman likes with her ears? Now, this is true. Tell her compliments, praise, but do not use platitudes and lies, escort girls are very sensitive to this. Talk only about what you really like and attract in it, without rudeness and vulgarity.

On a date, do not come empty-handed, give the escort girl a small gift. Don't know what to buy? Classic flowers, sweets and champagne have not been canceled yet. And since you are not very familiar with this representative of the fair sex and do not know her tastes and preferences, this will be the best option.

What to talk about? Yes, about anything: about the weather, culture, politics, in the end. Just do not rant on a topic unknown to you, you will look very stupid. And you risk being considered a know-it-all idiot. Don't forget about compliments. Be gentle and affectionate, take care of the escort girl. Don't be rude, obtrusive, or vulgar. And the lady will definitely appreciate it. At the end of the evening, be sure to walk her home, if she is cold, then lend her your jacket. Be a gentleman, it really works, even though it's a very old scheme. Treat the escort girl with respect, sensually, and be ready to respond to any of her requests. Learn to listen to it and hear it, and not just talk about yourself, and generally chat without stopping. If you follow this simple pattern, you are guaranteed a second date. What happens next is up to you.

These are just a few General rules about how to please an escort girl. They are very simple, but by following them and observing them clearly, you will soon change your life. And you will not notice how from a guy who did not attract attention and did not like escort girls, you turned into a real macho! Good luck to you!
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