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Sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasy

All people sometimes dream and fantasize. Some-about some purchase, others - about a good vacation. Just like any of us ever imagined spending the night with your loved one. And some people just specifically plan what will surprise their partner in bed the next time they meet. Unfortunately, those who are silent and hide their fantasies, much more than those who embody their thoughts in reality. Let's try to understand why many people do not talk about their sexual fantasies and try to hide them. We will also find out if there is something good in such thoughts.

So we have already divided people into two categories. These are those who can both say and make their sexual fantasy a reality, and those who are silent about it. Why can't they say what they want out loud? There are many reasons. The first of these is shyness. Many people find talking about sex vulgar and uncultured. This is often the result of a strict upbringing.

In fact, you do not need to be shy in front of your partner, on the contrary, a Frank conversation will diversify your intimacy, you will discover something new and beautiful. And if you keep silent about what you want, sex will become boring and tedious. You will still sooner or later break down and tell about your desire. It's a matter of time, so is it worth wasting?

The second reason may lie in trust. If you have never been shy, but for some reason can not tell your loved one what you want in sex, then perhaps you do not trust him completely. For almost all people, sex is something personal and it is unlikely that anyone will talk about their secret desires to those who do not trust. And some people can really just tell almost everyone about your intimate dreams. Accordingly, others will begin to discuss it, look askance at you, and some will laugh.

The third reason is that many people are afraid of their own thoughts and try to suppress them, considering them indecent. The world is just trying to get used to the great variety in sex.

Finally, the fourth reason is the fear of offending the partner with such offers or simply being rejected. As statistics show, many infidelities of men and women arise just because of the understatement in sex. In most married couples, the wife knows what her husband wants, but does not do it because she is shy, afraid that it will not work out, or it may be painful. Therefore, men are looking for those who will translate their fantasies into reality or go to escort call girls, as they will do everything the client wants for money.

Men, sometimes, refuse women simply because of the belief in their own ideality, believing that nothing new is required in sex. They are happy, so everything is good in bed. But this is their biggest mistake. If a woman is talking about how intimate life has become boring, then so it is. Ladies are much more shy than men, and if they decide to Express their dissatisfaction, then it's time to change something radically.

And now you can talk about the advantages of sexual fantasies. The first of them is that when we imagine an erotic image or scene, we are excited in advance and set up for sex. All this helps you quickly forget about pressing problems and fully immerse yourself in an intimate atmosphere.

The second advantage is that inexperienced people can thus rehearse many intimate scenes in their minds, and in reality it will be much easier for them.

There is a third plus. Being far from each other, you can tell your loved one about your fantasies, this will allow you to feel emotional closeness and trust, and your meeting after that will be unforgettable.

So, there are huge advantages to sexual fantasies. Men from thoughts of sex increases excitability and sexual activity, the orgasm becomes more vivid. The same thing happens to women, in addition, they are no longer constrained and shy.

Fantasies make sex more vivid and colorful, so there is nothing wrong with them. Don't be afraid of your desires and tell your partners about them. This will add new colors to your intimate life and refresh your feelings.
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