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Sexual traditions of China

Sexual traditions of China

The legacy of ancient Chinese civilization in the sphere of sexual traditions came from Taoism. Erotic techniques were based on the harmonious interaction of the Yang energy of a man and the Yin energy of a woman. It was believed that Yin is infinite, and Yang has a limit, so unwise use of the latter brings death closer. Female energy Yin Yang intensified, prolonging the life of men, and that was the reason for polygamy.

Family and marriage

Polygamy, however, was accepted among the rich families, especially among the emperors, who maintained a harem of many thousands. In poor families, the husband was monogamous, because he could not financially afford more than one wife.

Parents chose their children's spouses. But if among the noble families it was customary to be guided by the bride's estate, reputation, etc., then the poor only cared about the health of the future daughter-in-law. This was important because she was expected to help with housework and field work, as well as caring for the elderly when the time came.

A woman in an ancient Chinese family was practically disenfranchised. Not only was she not allowed to go outside, but she was also not allowed to leave the women's half of the house. She was also forbidden to sit at a table with a man. The wife played the role of a servant, even close she could only visit on big holidays.

Even in those early days, divorce was possible in China, but only on the initiative of men. And the reason could be anything from illness to the character of the spouse. As for treason, in different areas of the middle Kingdom, this was treated differently. In the North of the country, for example, it was common for a husband to suggest that a guest sleep with his wife. In other regions of China, both the unfaithful spouse and her lover were executed for treason.

Escort and homosexuality

Escort in the middle Kingdom was legal and common, and priestesses of love paid tax to the state. But they found themselves in this position not by their own will. Fathers, brothers, and husbands could easily sell a woman to a brothel if the family was struggling with money.

Homosexuality was also common in the middle Kingdom. Stories of the same-sex love of Emperor Lin of Wei and Mizi Zia, as well as Emperor AI of the Han dynasty and his lover Dun Xian, became the property of history. This was a natural phenomenon, and often young men made their careers through relationships with older dignitaries. Female homosexuality flourished in harems.

Sex in the Taoist tradition

According to the teachings of the Tao, a person has a certain amount of vital energy, which is called Chi. If there is a lot of it, he will live a long time and keep his youth to the last. And if it is not enough, he will quickly grow old and die. The physiological characteristics of people are such that a man loses Qi in large quantities during ejaculation, so in ancient China, male Masturbation was decried.

However, if a man had sex with a woman and refrained from ejaculating, then he received Chi from her and did not lose his energy. This is what the ancient Chinese took as the basis for longevity. And especially zealous for this tradition were the emperors, who wanted to achieve immortality, like the legendary Huang Di.

The Imperial harem consisted of women of various ranks. Concubines " fed " the Yang Emperor and were considered low-ranking. High rank were the spouses. The records of the rites say: "Women of the lowest rank go first, women of the highest rank-last. Concubines spend 9 nights with the Emperor for 9 people. Wives are entitled to one night on the 15th day of every month." Concubines were taught special techniques that allowed them to control the muscles of the vagina. It was believed that this skill not only increases the feeling of sex, but also prolongs the youth of a woman.

Also in ancient China, all kinds of stimulants were used, which were made from natural materials: cinnamon, ginseng, seaweed, horns and animal droppings. Such means were used to increase the erection, and to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Men in the middle Kingdom resorted to the surgical way of penis enlargement. This was done using material that was left over from the castrations of eunuchs, criminals, or prisoners of war.

Sex at the height of Confucianism

During the period of Genghis Khan's conquest of China, the influence of Taoism on people's worldview declined. This time was the heyday of Confucianism, which was reflected in the sphere of sexuality. Moral standards in society have become stricter, the value of the institution of marriage and family traditions has increased. It has become normal to put mental qualities on a pedestal and to suppress sensuality as a manifestation of the animal nature.

Everything connected with sexuality, first of all, has become necessary to hide. During these years, when choosing a wife, men focused on her domesticity and modesty, and they preferred to satisfy erotic needs, which were relegated to the background, with the escort girls. A certain proportion of this enslavement has persisted in some parts of the country to the present day.
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