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Tel Aviv the center of Israel culture

Tel Aviv: the center of Israel's culture and traditions

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the amazing city of tel Aviv is now considered the cultural and commercial and economic center of Israel, whose history began not so long ago – in the XX century, but the ancestor of tel Aviv is the ancient city of Jaffa, which existed in the II Millennium BC and is now part of tel Aviv. If you are looking for a company for a walk, there are a lot of offers from escort girls in tel Aviv that will brighten up your leisure time, and give you an unforgettable experience!

According to legend, the city of Jaffa was named after the son of Noah, Jaffa, who built this city after the infamous flood. There is another version of the origin of the name of the ancient city – from the word "yoffi", which means "beauty".

Sightseeing tours to tel Aviv can best introduce you to the amazing history of this relatively young city. For example, in Jaffa square there is an underground visitor center that can tell you about the past of tel Aviv. In addition, tourists will be able to partially view the excavations of the ancient city, as well as several showcases that tell a lot about this region. You can not ignore the garden with a beautiful panorama of Jaffa, as well as the picturesque coast and hotels in tel Aviv. In addition, even some of the houses in this city can rightfully be considered local attractions. For example, the house of Simon the Tanner, where, according to some sources, the Apostle Peter himself once lived.

We must also pay tribute to the port of Jaffa, which, as it seems at first glance, lives its own separate life. At present, this place does not play such a significant role as it was before, but nevertheless, there is always a lively atmosphere here. Traders and fishermen scurry everywhere, boats and boats are in constant motion, and the doors of small cafes and restaurants are always hospitably open for their visitors. In General, almost the entire coast of tel Aviv is nothing more than a chain of establishments that are mostly aimed at the needs of tourists.

Tel Aviv can rightfully be considered a real Paradise for shopping lovers. Numerous shops and shopping centers that are much more like exhibition centers and galleries, as well as colorful markets and bazaars located directly under the open sky – all this will leave only positive emotions and impressions of traveling around the city. Especially famous is the Carmel market, which is located in the Yemeni quarter. I must say that large shopping centers and stores are primarily aimed at tourists. Small stores, where sellers often allow you to buy on credit, are most often visited by the local population.

Going on a trip to tel Aviv, you should definitely visit the famous Yarkon Park. It is there that you can walk along the neat green paths, enjoy the beauty of the Botanical garden, as well as visit the stone garden and the bird Park "Tsapari". And, of course, we must not forget about the best zoo in all of Asia, which is also located in tel Aviv.

Fans of antiquity and antiquity will appreciate Caesarea, located near tel Aviv. It is here that the sites of large-scale archaeological excavations are located. Tourists will be able to see the remains of the ancient Roman water supply system, as well as the ruins of the theater and amphitheater, which date back to the reign of the great king Herod. In addition, you can look at the street system of the Roman and Byzantine eras, as well as see the original decoration of the Byzantine bath.

Tel Aviv is also famous for its architectural attractions. So, in the Central part of the city, buildings and structures are mainly three-story buildings made in a rather unusual "Bauhaus"style. This style was borrowed in the 30s from Nazi Germany. Distinctive features of this trend are the large Windows and accented by the simplicity of the structures. Moreover, it is thanks to this style that the Central part of tel Aviv is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage Area, despite the fact that many buildings have been rebuilt several times. Currently, this city is attractive not only for its historical and cultural attractions, it is also known for its resort areas and wide opportunities for quality and comfortable rest.

In addition to all of the above, tel Aviv has a wide range of opportunities for cultural recreation. Numerous theaters, among which it is worth highlighting yidishpil, offer the audience to appreciate the unsurpassed skill of the actors. In addition, submissions are usually accompanied by translations into English and Hebrew. Speaking about the cultural component of tel Aviv, we can not say anything about the famous ballet and Opera "bat Sheva", as well as the Philharmonic and Chamber orchestra.

Based on the above, we can say that a trip to tel Aviv will give you only positive emotions and impressions that you will definitely want to experience repeatedly.
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