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The main female mistakes in intimate relationships

The main female mistakes in intimate relationships

Sex without love

The most fundamental mistake that a woman can make in the field of eroticism is sex without love for the chosen man. There is no more fatal connection in nature, for the consequences are simply disastrous. Unfortunately, this kind of sex-without spiritual attraction-is extremely common in our society.

Sometimes a woman enters into a relationship without love in order to improve her financial situation. In this case, she becomes an escort girl, even if at first she had a high social status. And in another case, it becomes a victim of sexual aggressors-seducers, ladies ' men and philanderers who know how to manipulate the female mind. Both in the first and in the second case, this is sex without love, and it is always fraught with negative consequences. At the end of life, a woman may find herself in a severe depression, which modern medicine does not know how to heal.

Ignorance that does not allow you to track the program of falling in love
Falling in love, attraction without love, is a very insidious thing. A woman needs to understand that attraction is not a spiritual feeling. It's a surrogate, a fake. More precisely, falling in love is a program that controls nature. It dominates the psyche as computer programs do over technical devices.

Every woman has this enslaving pattern: when she finds out that a man is rich, her liking for him increases automatically. Many women fall in love with oligarchs for this reason. The program makes them. Nature built this insidious thing in order that her offspring would not die of hunger or cold, and the children would live in comfort. For the sake of physical preservation of offspring, nature sacrifices everything.

If a woman is not able to realize this program, then after marrying a millionaire, she turns into an unofficial escort girl. Having done its dirty work, the program ceases to generate a feeling of love, and the woman falls into the black fire of discomfort. She begins to instinctively search for a person who will satisfy her main spiritual need, allow her to find herself in the space of true love.

A paper, artificial flower is once discarded, so that a live one falls into the hands. During this difficult period, many mistakes are made, infidelities that turn family life into a real nightmare. This is an unenviable ending for any escort girls. This is why you need to know about the program.

If you fall in love with a rich man, perform a thought experiment: imagine that your future husband has become a pauper, and in this state you need to live with him for the rest of your life. If during this" meditation " you feel that a man has become less attractive to you, immediately leave this person! Powerful programs are not to be trifled with.

Sex without orgasm
Many women who do not have an orgasm accept this. They start to think that this is normal. They say that someone is given to experience it, and someone is not. However, this is a bad idea. If the husband is not ill, mentally or physically, he must learn to bring the woman he loves to orgasm. If a woman does not periodically experience this ecstatic feeling, her psyche goes into a state of tension. The wife becomes nervous, irritable in an empty place, without good external reasons. A long-term stress of the psyche can lead to neurosis,with all the consequences.

In the vast majority of cases, the lack of orgasm is the fault of the husband, not his faithful wife. Therefore, without reproaches and insults, it is necessary to direct the husband to the true path of his own enlightenment. He should step over his arrogance and consult with a good specialist. Techniques that allow you to bring a woman to orgasm, a lot. But only a good mental therapist will tell you what you need in a particular case.

Sometimes special medicinal herbs that increase potency help to solve this problem. For example, Chinese lemongrass, Eleutherococcus, ashwagandha ("Indian ginseng") and others, no less effective. A woman should not despair, many tools have been invented to help solve this problem.

Use of pornography and perverted forms of sex
From time to time, the couple begins to experiment to regain their original sharpness of feeling during the intimate act. And this is normal, of course. But it is important to realize that there is an invisible border that can not be crossed — when sex turns into a perverted, demonic relationship between a man and a woman. For such erotic communication destroys the psyche and spiritual connections.

What experiments should a woman categorically refuse? You can not use pornography for additional erotic arousal. Anal sex is also very, very negative for the psyche. Any orgies are unacceptable-a Threesome, for example. As well as the exchange of wives and husbands, which is practiced by some married couples who have become on the path of degradation.

It is necessary to give up drugs and alcoholic beverages that some people use to stimulate themselves before sex.

Condom use
Few people know that condoms negatively affect a man's mental health. Manufacturers of this product do everything possible and impossible to avoid losing their profits. Maiming people has always been profitable for many types of business.
The fact is that the female vagina produces a special liquid, which contains specific ingredients, carriers of rare metaphysical energies.

These energies are transmitted to the man during sexual intercourse and help to stabilize his psyche. They have a beneficial effect on his mind. This is a kind of energy "vitamins" that a man can not get in any other way, because they are not available in an ordinary pharmacy. Therefore, the sexual act performed in a state of love has healing power.

But any rubber layer does not allow you to absorb these healing "vitamins". Therefore, sexual intercourse for a man using a condom is a simple loss of energy, not a mutually beneficial exchange. The woman also feeds herself with the strong psychic energy contained in the male seed. But sex with a condom leads to the fact that at a deep level, people begin to feel dissatisfied. Their mental stress increases for no apparent external reason. Therefore, an initially weakened man who had congenital mental pathologies, frequent intimate relations can destroy and lead to a clinic for the mentally ill. A strong man is rewarded with neurasthenia.

From this, you can not make a hasty conclusion that you can not use a condom at all. Can. But only in rare, exceptional cases, when other ways to prevent pregnancy are not available. It is undesirable to use condoms regularly. Many other protective means have been invented that do not cause such negative consequences.
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