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What should be the wardrobe of a modern escort girls

What should be the wardrobe of a modern escort girls

In most cases, in the life of every escort girls, there is such a problem when the wardrobe is full of a huge number of things, and there seems to be nothing to wear. The search for a more or less suitable outfit takes a lot of time, and as a result, you have to wear what first caught your eye. As a rule, the mood is spoiled for the entire evening, there is discomfort and a feeling that the outfit is not dressed for the occasion. In order to avoid such a situation, you should know what things must be present in the everyday wardrobe of a modern escort girl, and what to pay the first attention to.

Basic wardrobe
The basis of each stylish escort girl's wardrobe should include three sets of clothing — winter, summer and demi-season. Each set of these items should be combined in style, color and texture. The number of things should be so much that it can be changed over the course of a week, without resorting to washing. You should know that the "top", that is, blouses, sweaters, tops, that is, the top, should be twice as much as the "bottom", that is, skirts and trousers.

A lot has been said about the little black dress. This item of clothing has not lost its position for many years and is still relevant. It is certainly suitable for all girls, for any appearance. Due to the difference in styles, every girl, regardless of their complexion, can easily choose their black dress. Therefore, such a classic genre must be in the wardrobe of an escort girl.

Fashionable and practical jeans
Previously, this item of clothing was considered, as a rule, working clothes. Over time, jeans have become one of the most common elements in the ladies ' wardrobe. Their advantage is convenience. Many stylists believe that in the wardrobe of an escort girl must be present two pairs of jeans of different lengths and colors, and this is at least. Some are better used with high-heeled shoes, others with flat soles.

If we talk about color, it is better to choose shades of blue, since they look good at any time of the year. Most girls prefer to wear white jeans in the summer. It looks beautiful, but you should always remember-the white color is often very plump and very thin.

Working version
For girls who work in the office, you need to have two suits in the wardrobe: with trousers and a skirt. The main rule is that the costume must always match the figure. As for color, the advantage is given to neutral shades-gray, blue, black and white. If you choose a different color, it should not be obvious. Choosing a suit with trousers, you should remember-the girl in it should not look like a man.

Standard top
A practical white blouse, as well as a little black dress that many girls love, has not gone out of fashion for quite a long time and is very relevant. This is a classic version of clothing that should directly have a place in the wardrobe of every self-respecting escort girl. A white blouse has an advantage in the basic wardrobe. Just in addition to it, the girl should have at least two more items of this clothing in low-key shades. Keep in mind that when choosing a blouse, you need to match the chosen style. It all depends on individual preferences. Most girls give their preference to a white button-down blouse, as this is the best option that goes with any item of clothing, whether it is a skirt, jeans or trousers.

Current wardrobe item
Trenchcoat is one of the universal, practical and relevant items of women's wardrobe, which is well suited at any time of the year. It looks great with other clothes, it can be worn both in the office and on an evening walk. In fashion, it is necessary to note not only the classic trench coat of standard black color, but also models of bright, various shades.

Every girl in the wardrobe should have a lot of beautiful underwear, mostly in ruffles and with all sorts of funny drawings.

A great couple
In the wardrobe of any escort girl should always be present classic shoes of standard black color with heels. They are perfect for jeans and a luxurious evening dress. At the same time, a high heel is a symbol of femininity, it gives the girl more confidence, makes her taller and slimmer. Also, each escort girl can have a pair of comfortable ballet flats.

Nice and necessary things
The escort girl's wardrobe will be considered incomplete without accessories. Stylish and complete appearance helps to create original jewelry. The minimum set should include not only a variety of costume jewelry, but also a silk scarf. Moreover, a modern girl can not be imagined without such a detail as a purse. To all this, you can buy a small cosmetic bag, purse, pen, diary and many other necessary things.

You need to remember that a well-chosen wardrobe allows girls to look different every day, even with a minimal set of clothes and accessories. For a basic wardrobe, it is most preferable to choose things of excellent quality that can serve you for more than one season.
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