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We refute popular myths about anal sex

We refute popular myths about anal sex

Anal sex is surrounded by many myths and fictions that kill any desire to just under zero. Anal encompasses some mystery, because it is inaccessible to all relaxation. Many people simply do not realize how much there is in such nuances here anal vacation. Escort Girls Bat Yam decided to tell all the details about anal sex. Why produce these omissions? Then there are stupid legend that interfere with normal relaxation. Let's make it simple and understandable.

So, what good anal sex? It helps open the unreal fun, and sometimes even leads to a sensitive orgasm. The anus has its area responsible for pleasure, why orgasm from such sex is always violent. And for a man in such intima has more charm - because the head is compressed very strongly, because a man can open unreal pleasure. Even if a girl has lost her virginity with another partner, a man can deprive lady anal innocence - after all, this area is often locked.

If she agrees to try a sex, it seriously trusted partner. Let's try to throw extra guesses about anal sex and do everything as it should be. For example, whether a sex dirty in practice? Or not? Fecal actually are in the intestine, but not in the anus. Pain that occurs during anal sex, says only that the muscles are compressed. We must try to relax, and then the pain will pass by itself as if it had never existed. During compression of the internal sphincter muscle is responsible, that we can not control. You just need to relax, and he also will disperse to the sides. But if the girl is afraid or is tense, then sex will bring her a pain.

Harmful if anal sex at all? If everything is done correctly, then no harm in itself will not bring anal sex. You should always perform safety to sex took place without consequences. If you're willing to try anal sex, then in that case you need to do everything slowly. It is necessary to gradually engage in such sex, even for a few nights. Note that if you do it quickly, with pressure, you will be sure to injury, and this is a stop you from experimenting with irrepressible female anus.
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