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What does an escort girl want from a guy?

What do escort girls want from guys?
Stupid question-of course, love! What then is love? There is no clear answer to this question, and the question is rather vague, so I think we need to break it down into several points and analyze each in more detail. Someone will say: "well, there is another expert...", and will be right about something. But I will still try to Express my opinion, and whether it is correct or not, you can judge, dear reader!

So, I believe that everyone wants to be loved. In my understanding, the concept of love includes everything positive: understanding, respect, care, and so on. What does an escort girl want from a guy? Probably, first of all, to be and feel like a girl next to a man.

Each escort girl and each guy is individual, and specifically each needs its own approach. After all, if an escort girl has a strong-willed character, then a guy with the same character will not suit her. Hence the expression: "don't get along", isn't it? As you know, opposites attract, but not the other way around! For this reason, if a guy paid attention to a specific girl and intends to win her favor, then you will have to stock up on remarkable patience and step over your " I " more than once, while not dropping dignity in front of your chosen one.

The guy will have to make some concessions for the escort girl, sacrifice something. For example, before meeting my girlfriend, I used to allocate time only for my interests, but now I have to take her into account. It is necessary to compromise in this case. Let's say I would go alone to relax with friends, sit at the computer, fish, etc. But! Time can't be stopped, and it has a certain "limit", I think Homo sapiens understands this-a reasonable person.

Friends will eventually get families, the computer will get bored, fishing will cease to bring that spiritual satisfaction. A loved one will never get bored, to study it is not enough and two lives, as they say," will not retreat, will not betray " only the one who loves you! And, of course, if you want to achieve a certain result in a relationship with your chosen one, then you need to work on it!

Back to our question "what does an escort call girl in Tel Aviv want from a guy?"- and she herself can't definitely explain it exactly! Let's consider this question from the point of view of biology. an escort girl is a future mother, even if she does not think about children, this is laid down at the level of the subconscious, and she considers the guy subconsciously as a male for procreation. In this direction, many studies have been conducted on how a woman chooses a sexual partner by what criteria - by smell, by some pheromones, hormones, etc. Look around - how many different couples you are surrounded by and sometimes it seems that these people do not have a chance of continuing to exist as a family, but they, contrary to all the speculation of different "experts", continue to grow and strengthen in their relationships. By the way, over time, those people who predicted the imminent rupture of such relationships (friends, girlfriends) quite simply respond: "and I thought at the time, or rather, I was (a) then sure that you will not succeed!". Here it is up to you to decide whether to follow the lead of your friends or build your life so that no one then blames their own mistakes and failures, except themselves.

Mistakes and failures, by the way, are also inevitable, because only those who do nothing do not make mistakes! And in any case, do not be afraid to make mistakes, no one is perfect, try to consider your mistakes quite deeply, so that you do not repeat them in the future. Yes, it's pretty hard! But if you do not accumulate such disadvantages - they will not cover you like a snowball, and will not catch you by surprise, agree.

escort girl wants courtship from her boyfriend, and what did she do to make him look after her? Let's say a guy met a girl, fell in love with each other, lived a happy life and died in one day! Did they only live a few days? You fall in love with one person, and you live completely with another! Over time, people get to know each other better - rather unpleasant details from a past life, shortcomings come to the surface, in certain situations, a character is shown, not always good, and so you want him to look after always and everywhere! In this case, try to always stay exactly the man he then fell in love, and not "syndite" at home in what is comfortable for you, because the guy fell in love with well-groomed, attractive, interesting, nice and not disheveled, it is unclear what dressed!

Of course, I'm not ideal either, and I understand your , as you want it, then give me a little understanding - I can't always be soft and fluffy. That is, an escort girl wants understanding and respect from a guy! I think she can count on it if she is willing to understand and respect!

an escort girl wants loyalty from a guy.

"My love, if I love you, can there be any doubt of my loyalty?" I have spent so much time and effort to have the right to be near you always and everywhere, in reality and in thought, do you think I am loyal to you?

- And here at Lyuska Vaska on the party walks, can, you too walk?

"My dear, how wonderful it is that I am not Vaska, and you are not Lyuska!

A self-respecting guy will not change "expensive" for cheap ones, since he values himself and his choice - his girlfriend. The question is whether he values this girl. After all, escort girls sometimes just want to have fun with guys, not paying attention to their feelings, as with some other toy. Is not it so? Then how to determine the future relationship? Probably, it is not necessary to lie and play on the feelings of another person.

Lie. escort girl wants the truth (doesn't want to be lied to). But this is impossible! Lies are mistakenly divided into good and bad. How do I know which of the lies is good or bad, and for whom it is what? A person can't help lying, and someone who says, "I always tell the truth," is already a liar. But in the relationship between two loving people, there is no place for lies, or rather, this should be sought. By the way, it is also very difficult to open up to someone 100%. And in life, no one does this, no matter how they prove the opposite! I think everyone in their life has had a case where they had to lie, and the further they went, the more things came out in the end, and it was quite unpleasant to be caught in a lie. Lies also accumulate like a snowball.

Here is such an article turned out for me on the topic "what does an escort out or in call girls Tel Aviv Israel want from a guy?"Dear reader, I would like to read your reviews and criticism of my first article. I will be happy to participate in the discussions. Thank you for taking the time to read my creation!
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