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What erogenous zones do escort girls have

What erogenous zones do escort girls have

Many men are interested in the question of what erogenous zones women have and where to look for them? The answer is simple: the body of an escort girls can be called a solid erogenous zone.


The thighs, or rather the inner part of them, are quite sensitive in women. You can give pleasure by kissing, touching your lips and even your tongue, but you must remember that these places can not be bitten, because the skin here is extremely sensitive. Caressing the inner parts of the thighs, you can excite a woman also because this part of the body is close to the genitals. Oral sex can be a continuation of such caresses


On the back of the knee there is a large number of nerve endings, thus touching and caressing this part brings great pleasure to the escort girl. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the partner may become painful or ticklish.


There are quite a large number of women who enjoy caressing the buttocks. You can stroke, knead, and even nibble.


The neck, namely the back of it, is a very sensitive erogenous zone. Even just breathing into the neck can excite a woman, and what can we say about kissing and biting. You can start erotic massage from the neck.


A beautiful erogenous zone in women is their ears. Ears can be slightly biting, kissing, licking. No less pleasant and exciting are the words that a man gently whispers to his partner.


Of course, for some this is surprising, but the hands, or rather the wrists, are also an erogenous zone in women. The inner side of the wrist is quite sensitive. A light and easy kiss will cause a storm of emotions. The simplicity of this erogenous zone is that you can excite a woman even in crowded, public places.


The breast is one of the strongest erogenous zones in women. Of course, the most sensitive part is the nipple. But then the escort girls were divided into two fronts in their preferences. The first love gentle caresses, light touches of the partner. The second, on the contrary, prefer more rigid caresses, bites. The partner needs to find out what exactly his escort girl likes and then he will be the best lover for her. But do not forget that there are not only nipples, but also the skin around. Of course, the skin around the nipples is not so sensitive, but the caresses of these places are also pleasant to escort girls. You can also caress the skin under the breast, there are many nerve endings.


One of the most sensitive erogenous zones in women is the vagina. It is the second most sensitive after the clitoris. It is in the vagina that you can find a little-known g-spot. g-spot Caresses quickly lead a woman to orgasm. It can be stimulated in a variety of ways, for example, traditionally (by a man's sexual organ), with fingers and sex toys.


The clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone in women. Caresses can be performed using the tongue or fingers, but you can use these two methods of caresses at the same time. There are escort girls who tell their partners what kind of clitoral caresses they enjoy, this makes it easier for the partner to "work". But if the partner does not say what she likes, then it is necessary to observe the reaction to caresses and choose those ways that give her pleasure.


escort girls often know in advance whether they will sleep with a man or not. They make such decisions often after a kiss, because the way a man owns the technique of kissing, you can determine what he is in bed. Therefore, the advice to men: learn how to kiss well. However, the lips can not only be kissed, but also bitten, stroked, and even sucked.


The back, namely the lower part of it (the lower back), is also an erogenous zone. She, of course, does not bring a storm of emotions, but many escort girls say that kissing and stroking give them great pleasure.


Some women are excited by kisses in the stomach.


The head, or rather the scalp, is also an erogenous zone. This is due to the fact that there are many nerve endings on the scalp. When a partner touches the head of an escort girl, it is unbearably pleasant. It is best to do a head massage.


The inner part of the palm is also an erogenous zone in women. The partner can kiss their hands or run their fingers over them. All this of course does not cause rapid and strong excitement, but the feeling is very pleasant.
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