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What makes an escort girl attractive in the eyes of men

What makes an escort girl attractive in the eyes of men

No matter what age an escort girl is, she must always be attractive. Beauty and attractiveness are not the same thing, and charm is not determined only by external data. In an attractive woman, not only facial features can attract, but also the gait, manner of communication, gestures, timbre of voice, glint in the eyes, posture and state of mind. Agree, often in the circle of attention of men are escort girls with not very beautiful features, but having something unusual " catchy” in their appearance.

The attractiveness of an escort girl comes from within – from her heart, her state of mind. This is a love of life and people around you, a positive attitude that is so necessary for men, including. And more often men will prefer a cheerful positive escort girl with an inconspicuous appearance – a sullen pessimistic person, irritated by circumstances.

Benevolence, fragility, taste in clothes and smells-that's the first thing men pay attention to. Perhaps these are the first secrets of female spontaneity that develop during visual acquaintance, but when a man moves from the visual assessment to the assessment of the inner person, the inner qualities of an escort girl are also important.

There are some secrets in men's preferences about what they would like to see an escort girl opposite and which escort girl they think is attractive. So,

- in clothing, men prefer fitted silhouettes that emphasize femininity, but do not accept hoodie clothing. Ugly is considered and not the size of clothing for an escort girl-tightening and a size smaller, which only emphasizes the undesirable shape.

- clothing length is preferable to mini and knee-length. For some reason, the majority of men surveyed do not accept the length of Maxi clothing.

- in styles, men prefer feminine silhouettes of dresses and skirts with blouses, but you should pay attention not to the " shoutiness” and fashion, but to how appropriate the outfit is to your figure.

- men pay attention to openness in clothing, if it is strict and the blouse is tightly buttoned to the last button at the neck, it almost says “ " do not approach!". Men are more willing to get acquainted with escort girls who have a beautiful cleavage, a blouse with bare shoulders or a top on thin shoulders.

- in the clothes of an escort girl, there should be mystery and intrigue, which is created by transparent fabrics, slits, semi-open cleavage, etc.

- in the color scheme, men choose neutral tones, rich colors, but colorful bright outfits that attract the eyes of all passers-by.

- in the hairstyle, naturalness is more valued than curls covered with a thick layer of varnish. Soft, light hairstyles are more casual than strict more attract men's looks than strict hairstyles.

- make-up should not be vulgar, but most men's articles prefer natural style (and only escort girls know how much effort is required to create it), lipstick should not be a bright spot, but preferably soft tones.

- manicure may be absent, but the main thing is that the nails are well-groomed. It is simply not acceptable that the varnish is half-flaked.

- in jewelry, there are different opinions, but most men do not like large massive earrings and beads.

- the smell should be feminine, but not cloying.

However, no matter how many escort girls discuss the issues of attractiveness, and what a modern representative should be, every man chooses the only acceptable framework of assessments for himself.

There is no single rule of attractiveness, but there is no doubt that the vast majority of men like naturalness in their behavior and clothing. This means that if the escort girls are natural, they will not try to impress at all costs, then there will be more chances to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Of course, if you need it for this period of your life. But even if you are married, it is worth keeping the attractiveness in the eyes of your husband and not taking his attention for granted
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