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What to give an escort girl

What to give an escort girl? Several rules regarding gifts for women

What to give an escort girl? This question is probably asked by millions of men before every holiday. There is no clear answer to this question, and it is unlikely that it will ever appear. But there are some tips and rules that should be followed and taken into account when making a choice in favor of a gift for your favorite. We will try to understand these nuances.

Every, absolutely every escort girl loves to receive gifts.  Because for women, a gift, first of all, is a sign of attention, and then it is a material value. Attention is priceless! In some cases, an escort girl even, in fact, does not care what exactly she was given, the main thing is the very fact of presenting a gift. But do not think that if so, you can not particularly bother and give anything, just for a tick. This trick will not work, because, as we see above, attention and attention again, and any non-individualized gift is a lack of proper attention. So draw conclusions, gentlemen men, and give gifts exclusively personalized, thoughtfully selected, purchased with soul and love.  This is, in General, the main rule.

The second thing I would like to note is the hidden symbolism that escort in call girls are looking for everywhere, even where it is not required at all. So you should show a little more sensitivity and tact when choosing a gift for girls to, God forbid, not to give fat scales, even if it is about them once mentioned desired acquisition, or cream from wrinkles under the eyes for a lady in the full bloom of life and possibilities, even the fact that she once when you polyacetylene lamented the fact that she began to appear crow's feet, will not give you any chance to somehow justify when there is a scandal in connection with such "wonderful" gift. Remember, escort girls see hints and signs everywhere, in every detail. Be careful not to embarrass yourself!

The third important aspect is the cost of the gift. Here many men will exclaim: "But how so, attention is important, not cost!". Especially since attention was mentioned above. But make no mistake, when the euphoria of giving a gift will pass, a deep analysis of hidden symbols will be carried out, the logical continuation will be the evaluation of the value of the gift, even if just out of curiosity, and not self-interest. And if it is discovered that the value of the gift is not as high as it could be, it will certainly see a hidden meaning! Therefore, dear men, try not to skimp on your girlfriend. Remember that escort girls like generous men, they put up with tight-fisted ones for a while, if and while other positive qualities prevail, which may eventually come to naught or they will be taken out of brackets as a habitual given. In General, again, be careful. If you are choosing between two gifts of equal value, you should probably choose the one that is more expensive-it is more reliable.

The next point is the exclusivity of the gift. A gift for your beloved should be special, not like everyone else's, original, and better-striking, so that there is something to impress your friends at gatherings. So if your escort girl keeps telling you for the second month that she wants shoes like Masha's, this does not mean that these same shoes will please her after purchase - because now she will not be able to wear the same shoes with Masha! A paradox, you may say, but escort girls are terribly paradoxical and incomprehensible creatures. And you didn't even know about it?! So choose unusual gifts for your friend, impressive, something like that, with a twist.

Are you still reading this article? Haven't they given up and told these women to go to hell with their gifts yet? Congratulations! You have earned the honorary title of a real man! While still with a small letter "m", with a large" M " deserve, if all these rules you will be able to observe when choosing and presenting a gift. So, for the most patient, since they still continue to read, here is another nuance regarding the choice of gifts for women, one because we understand that real men (with a small "m") patience is not infinite, so we will not test it. The last (in this article) nuance is romance.  All escort girls without exception love romance! Yes, Yes! Even inveterate boys, who just want to fill the cones while riding a skateboard or something else extreme, like romance, it's just, most likely, it's not the kind of romance that is in the moonlight and in poetry, but some kind of Hiking, with mosquitoes and pork stew.Any escort girl will appreciate the display of tenderness and attention on your part, because they will show that you treat her primarily as an escort girl, as a sweet, touching and vulnerable creature that you can take care of, protect, appreciate and admire. Simply, returning to the first point about personification, try to choose romantic gifts based primarily on the character of your friend, and not guided by hackneyed clichés. After all, there is always a choice – to take your woman to an expensive restaurant or arrange a picnic for her in nature.  The functionality is the same, but the execution is completely different.

At this, gentlemen, we say goodbye to you, we hope that our advice and recommendations will somehow help you navigate the world of women's concepts and mores, and that you will always choose and give your escort girls only those gifts that will sincerely please and pleasantly surprise them.
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