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Worst gifts for an escort girl

Worst gifts for an escort girl

It's no secret that the fair sex especially appreciate care, attention and romance in relationships, so the requirements for gifts presented to them are higher than for men. Choosing a gift for an escort girl is a delicate and delicate matter. escort girls it is very important to know that the beloved man thought about the gift and spent a fair amount of time to choose and buy it. And, of course, the cost of the gift is also important, there is a prolonged financial crisis in the yard, but despite this, escort girls do not forgive saving on them, their loved ones. Of course, this fact does not mean that you should definitely give her a diamond necklace, but any escort girl will appreciate a decent piece of jewelry or even stylish jewelry. This gift is not one of the most original, but it is so traditional, and that it is always good.

And what gifts for an escort girl are not the best?
Candles, Souvenirs that are symbols of the coming year, mascots of the year according to the Eastern calendar, and other similar trinkets. This gift is in danger of becoming the most unnecessary among all the others. And if a neighbor or work colleague has a legitimate right to give your escort girls such an ordinary gift, for the record, then you do not have it! In addition, she probably already had time to give Souvenirs at work or at the Institute, and a similar gift will take an unappreciated tenth place on the shelf.
Clothing and shoes. Of course, most escort girls love beautiful blouses, dresses and shoes, and are ready to fill their cabinets to the limit, but escort girls perceive the purchase of clothing as a completely ordinary process, and for such a gift you will most likely be waiting for the duty words of gratitude, but no more. If you decide to give a piece of clothing, then be careful when choosing it – you must clearly guess the size, which is difficult, and, even more difficult, with the style. And best of all, if you are safe and save just in case a receipt from the purchase, so that if necessary, your lady can change the thing to another size or even model, relative to the latter, try not to arrange a drama, you do not want to impose your taste on a person, especially since most likely your escort girls know better what is in fashion today and what suits her. If you decide to give underwear, then also leave it for your girlfriend to change it, otherwise, if it suddenly does not fit, your sexual interest will remain with this underwear on the back of the wardrobe.
Perfum. escort girls love such gifts, but give perfume or toilet water only if you are sure that they will be liked, if once they were mentioned as a pleasant fragrance and expressed a desire to buy them in your collection. It is difficult to pick up the smell yourself, "exact hit" happens infrequently, and giving a popular fragrance that smells from half of the escort girls in the city is boring and even vulgar.

Cosmetics. Of course, you can take a risk by giving your lady a cream for the skin around the eyes, but be prepared for a violent negative reaction. It is one thing when such a gift is presented to her by a friend, for reasons of real female friendship, subtly hinting at the presence of wrinkles around the eyes, the recipient is most likely ready for this and will find a way to "thank" a friend with a similar click on the nose. Another thing is when such a gift is presented by a beloved man. If you are not executed on the spot, then be sure that the countdown has started, and the explosion can not be avoided.

Hygiene products. Forget about shower gels and shampoos, especially if you are just starting to communicate! Your spouse may sometimes be able to give a similar gift – some new product of the market of high quality and the same cost, but a friend is unlikely to perceive such a gift correctly, in addition, most likely you have no idea what type of hair she has to choose the right shampoo. But any escort girl will be incredibly happy if you give her a certificate for visiting a Spa or beauty salon or some unusual procedure like a chocolate wrap, because the escort girl likes to pamper herself and her body, and even more so she will be pleased when her man pampers her.

Electronic gadgets. Very unromantic. Admit it, you probably buy this gift because you like it more than she does. It is worth choosing such a gift only when it is really necessary for a girl and she has long dreamed of it. And such a gift is more suitable for a birthday, and not as a new year's surprise.

Gifts for an escort girl – it's not easy, but it is quite feasible. Just try to think and remember what your friend lives, what she dreams about and what she is interested in. If you know your escort girl, then you already know how to please her. And try to go beyond traditions and conventions and give your escort girls not only things, but also fresh sensations. Believe me, she will appreciate, for example, your gift "Dinner among butterflies" and your desire to spend time with her in a romantic atmosphere and pleasantly surprise her. Or she will be flattered by your assessment of her appearance and offer to give her a professional photo shoot, because a good portrait is always worthy of admiration and should be for every beautiful escort girl.
Well, the last piece of advice that applies to both men and escort girls: never give others something that was given to you, but did not fit or did not come in handy, and do not give the same gift as for the last New Year. And remember the main thing: the worst gift is its absence!
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